why not use handsfree cells when driving?

Discussion in 'General Motoring' started by mjh404, Nov 17, 2003.

  1. mjh404

    mjh404 Guest

    This is a bit O/T, but I thought Saturn drivers are an intelligent crowd, so
    here goes:

    I have a cell phone and always use a handsfree device or a headset
    especially when driving. I cannot for the life of me understand why, when
    they only cost around $10. or slightly more; ppl drive around with one hand
    up to their head, blocking their vision and disabling that hand while
    driving, when it is very simple to use a handsfree cradle or a headset?

    Is it a vanity issue of appearing to be seen talking to oneself? Then why
    doesn't this rule apply when singing along to the radio? Vanity isn't an
    issue when giving someone the finger or cutting them off, so how do cell
    phones suddenly change this rule? Hmm, I can be an a**hole in public behind
    the wheel, but God forbid anyone see me talking to my dashboard!
    I almost get ananeurysm just thinking about the logic behind that.

    Cellular stores sell these as expensive items, but anyone can buy one of
    these at any K-Mart or WallyMart for around $10. to $20. dollars if they
    look. I have a wonderful speakerphone/charger combo for my Nokia that I
    bought at WallyMart. The sound quality is great! I also have an earpiece mic
    combo for my Motorola that I clip to my seatbelt.

    Is it that ppl just don't know about handsfree devices? or that they are
    just too lazy to be bothered? or that they think that they look cool with
    their elbow in their face? I just don't get it, please help me to understand

    I have gotten so peeved when I see ppl who let alone probably cannot chew
    gum and walk at the same time and are so involved trying to manage a cell
    phone and a moving vehicle at the same time that I have almost thought of
    doing this idea:
    Going to the Dollar Store and buying a few $1. cell phone earpiece/ mic sets
    (yes! you can buy them there!) and honking at ppl who are too busy yappin
    instead of driving. When they put their window down, I'd throw the headset
    into their car and yell "You need one of these!".

    Somebody please tell me what I'm missing so that when one of these bozos
    makes a right- turn into my fender or runs me off the sidewalk because they
    are distracted, I can then empathise with thier situation. :)

    (to quote the comedian Lewis Black "I am confuuuused".)

    Oh, btw - I just saw advertised some new cigarette-lighter powered
    appliances: toasters and pizza makers. I wonder what behaviour THAT will
    bring out if it ever catches on.
    mjh404, Nov 17, 2003
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  2. mjh404

    Glomis Guest


    Nice rant...I enjoyed it!! I agree with it too.

    Using a headset is law where I live - first in North America, I believe. A
    lot of people still don't use them however. My main motivation in using
    mine (aside from the risk of $150 tickets) is purely for comfort reasons.
    It's just easier. Mine cost about $60 CDN though (which I think is worth
    about $1.87 US), not the 10 or 20 bux you quoted. I have tried the cheaper
    ones and I don't think they are worth it. Just my opinion.

    Regarding the vanity issue - it's no problem for me. I actively talk to
    myself now anyway! :)

    I saw a gut the otherday attempting to talk on a cell, drive a standard, and
    eat an ice cream cone - all at the same time!! It was real fun to watch!!


    Glomis, Nov 17, 2003
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  3. I don't get it either and I agree the headsets are pretty easy. I haven't
    used a speaker phone adapter. The new Toyota Prius has Bluetooth built in
    and my Sony-Ericsson phone would be compatible.

    The ads for GM OnStar look like you can have built in speaker phone on GM
    products - I like that too.

    I am coming to the conclusion we are all trying to do too much, too much of
    the time. When we're driving, lets drive. When we're talking, let's wait
    till we get someplace where we can stop and have a decent, coherent
    conversation. Exceptions are fine, but I prefer to minimize them instead of
    making them the rule.

    Of course if you're a teenager with a car you like, and maybe have
    personalized, I'm sure there's a coolness factor for having the phone glued
    to the side of your head. (grin)

    Thanks for the digression.
    Jonnie Santos, Nov 17, 2003
  4. I believe there have been studies that show that a handsfree system doesn't
    really reduce driver distraction that much - it eliminates the physical
    distraction from holding the phone, but not the mental distraction of
    conversing with someone not in the vehicle who can't see what the driving
    situation is..
    Robert Hancock, Nov 18, 2003
  5. I've got OnStar on my '03 VUE. The cell phone system the service uses is
    incorporated into the rear-view mirror, totally hands free.
    Bill Kirkpatrick, Nov 18, 2003
  6. mjh404

    Larry Guest

    Most of it is pure laziness I'm sure. In Calif, at least, handsfree devices
    come with new cell phones. Most people I'm sure misplace those
    items.....handy as they are. I like em and I think they make good sense.
    Larry, Nov 18, 2003
  7. Statistically, it doesn't matter as far as accidents go - it's the
    conversation which is the problem (focusing on something other than
    driving), not whether the cell phone was connected to a hands-free kit or

    Functionally, the handsfree device is definitely easier to use
    David & Caroline, Nov 18, 2003
  8. mjh404

    Dan Hicks Guest

    Well, one good reason to not use one is that you'll tend to keep
    your calls shorter and restrict talking to things that are really
    "necessary". Studies have shown that it's the MENTAL distraction
    that makes cellphone use hazardous, not the handling of the phone
    itself. The only way to make the phone safer is, in essence, to not
    use it.
    Dan Hicks, Nov 18, 2003
  9. mjh404

    NoSetFine Guest

    Unless of course it's called "OnStar" and you're paying for it... THEN they
    don't complain so much, I guess.

    k. sorry. opinion plunker. BUT! Since you asked, I think cell phones are
    simply an evolutionary boost to more readily identify drivers who shouldn't
    really be driving anyway, but are clever enough to avoid detection if they
    don't try to do more than one thing at a time. Like gas AND steering, for


    NoSetFine, Jan 25, 2004
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