which year was the bad saturn?

Discussion in 'General Motoring' started by p_vouers, Jan 29, 2007.

  1. p_vouers

    p_vouers Guest

    I have a 97 sl2 and my son a 96sc2. Both of our saturns are pushing
    160k and are running great. We've done our maintenence and it shows.
    My son is lookin to purchase a 2001 sl2 but if I remember right Saturn
    did have a bad year and was wondering when tha was??
    p_vouers, Jan 29, 2007
  2. p_vouers

    marx404 Guest

    None that I know of. There was an "issue" with the 1st batch of SL's
    delivered in '91, with the coolant. Saturn immediately recalled these and
    replaced them with brand new cars. Just fyi though, I prefer 2002 S-series
    over '01 as '01 was a model change and had some bugs that were mostly worked
    out in '02, the last year for the S-series.
    marx404, Jan 30, 2007
  3. p_vouers

    Lane Guest

    Any year can be bad if the previous owner didn't take care of the motor.
    The easiest way to cause a lasting effect on these cars is not to do oil
    changes when you should, and not keeping the oil at the full mark. Tough to
    know if the previous owner did this when buying used though.

    Lane [ lane (at) evilplastic.com ]
    Lane, Jan 30, 2007
  4. p_vouers

    micven55 Guest

    My 2001 SL was definitly bad. It only had 50000mi on it and the head
    gasket went. And contrary to Lane's posting I did change the oil every
    3000miles and it never over heated, I also changed the coolant every 2
    years. I also had a transmission seal go to. Both are very expensive to
    fix (at least at the saturn dealership). I did even bother with the head
    gasket, I just sold the car to a mechanic and moved on (no more GM for me)
    micven55, Jan 31, 2007
  5. p_vouers

    Chuck Guest

    We've had 3 S-series in the family for many years (94 SW2, 95 SW2, 96
    SL2). The '95 SW2, with 128k miles, is still used daily. The
    biggest, and probably most endemic problem I've had is the 'loose
    input shaft nut' in the transaxle (harsh shifts, delayed/no reverse).
    Only a few $ in parts, but a fairly big job. Saturn once charged me
    $282 to replace it. Other than that, I think the "S"s were
    exceptionally reliable. Personally, I think GM made a BIG mistake
    bringing Saturn back into the "fold".
    Chuck, Feb 3, 2007
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