what's wrong with saturn ? severe mechanical problems after oil change

Discussion in 'General Motoring' started by raamman, Nov 11, 2007.

  1. raamman

    raamman Guest

    well this is a good bye and good luck to the rest of you. I just
    thought I'd post what happened to my 02 saturn in case the old boys at
    gm want to know why their saturn division (at least) has tanked. I put
    very little millage on my saturn this year, less than 9000 k. It's
    always been serviced at saturn dealerships by their mechanics.Took it
    in for a scheduled oil change back in early spring and a few days
    later had a reverse slam problem which I was informed was caused by 2
    burned out solenoids- (2 at once, hmmmm) I had all 3 replaced with new
    ones at a hefty price. Last week I took my car in for a regular oil
    change, new tires, wipers and tune up. We got the car back and drove
    about 30 kms home after. The total distance since the previous fill up
    was 80 kms, the tank showed half full ( this was later confirmed when
    I was able to put 20L in the tank) The next day was nice, I wanted to
    take the kids out to the park to feed some squirrels and the service
    engine light came on, and the car refused to go in reverse to back out
    of my parking spot. And no, the emergency brake was not on. I tried a
    few times to see if restarting or shifting made any difference- it
    didn't. I had to push the car backwards to be able to drive down to
    the saturn dealership to see what the hell was going on. I left the
    car running with the service engine light on so they could see what
    the problem code was. I got a loaner and was able to pick up the car
    at the end of the day. When I got the car, it was running, seemed ok
    and the mechanics said the car checked out fine they couldn't find
    anything wrong with it. Well, it ran ok- so i took it straight to
    another auto maker's dealership and got a trade-in value for a new
    car.which I am quite happy with. I should mention that following my
    discovery of the faulty repair I got on the phone with the manager at
    the saturn dealership and was quite blunt pointing out how much return
    service I needed with the minor mileage incurred. How much money I had
    paid out in service charges- and the car was never crashed, not ever
    driven hard, always fully serviced by the books. I don't know what
    happened, but I do know the saturn dealership has had very slow
    business since last year at least- and i suspect the techs were trying
    to "influence" my car's service requirements. So now they lost-
    because I no longer have a saturn to take to them, and I expect I will
    buy another 3 or 4 cars yet in the years to come, and my wife perhaps
    2 more cars- and not one will ever be a saturn again, and likely never
    a gm built car either. So when those techs get their pink slips and
    stand waiting in the line, perhaps they will see me drive by in my
    shiny new car and recognize they earned that unemployment check.

    yes, revenge is sweet and the best revenge is to live well and drive a
    new car. and it ain't a saturn.
    raamman, Nov 11, 2007
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  2. raamman

    Bob Shuman Guest

    For the record, there are 5 solenoids in the Saturn TAAT automatic
    transmission (*I believe this is the one used on your '02 SL), not 3!

    Good luck to you with whatever vehicle you purchased. I'd definitely stay
    away from the place you received the transmission service.

    Bob Shuman, Nov 11, 2007
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  3. raamman

    bo peep Guest

    Just out of curiosity - what do you suggest that the mechanics at the
    dealership should have done differently?
    bo peep, Nov 12, 2007
  4. raamman

    James1549 Guest

    I understand your frustration...

    But dealership mechanics float around more than ducks on a pond. If
    your Saturn dealer closes, those guys will end up working where you
    bought your new car... ANY DEALERSHIP you go to, you will hear horror
    stories... You can't get away from the dealership tactics no matter
    what the brand.

    James1549, Nov 13, 2007
  5. raamman

    Oppie Guest

    Which is why if I can't do a job myself, I'll go (more often than not) to an
    independant mechanic. Most of the independants I know have a fairly stable
    crew and do good work.
    Call me paranoid but with all the letters I get from Saturn that they want
    my car to satisfy used car committments (and get me into new payments)... I
    can't help but wonder if some monkey business is going on to make the cars
    run temporarilly crappy in order to get the owners to trade them in. There's
    a lot you can do with computer run cars to tune (or de-tune) them if you
    have the right software and tools
    Oppie, Nov 13, 2007
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