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Discussion in 'Saturn S-series' started by Joe, Aug 22, 2006.

  1. Joe

    Joe Guest

    Had the chance to "swap" my 1995 SL1 for a 2002(?) SW2 wagon. My SL1 has
    160,000 miles, eats oil and is stick. The SW2 is auto, doesn't eat oil and
    has less than 60,000 on it. It is also in perfect condition. Cost to swap
    for me would have been $0. However, I just "returned" the SW2 to my very
    kind family member and took my SL1 back.


    LEGROOM! How do you people drive those things? My knees can't extend, my
    legs are "bowed" under the wheel and it doesn't have cruise so I couldn't
    even compensate by pretzeling up on the highways... Argh... It sure was a
    fun (fast) little car while it lasted.

    Now... To sell the SL1 and find something that will last me another 100,000
    miles. Maybe the white SL1 I saw for sale on the way home today...

    Anyone know what a good condition SL1 stick and power everything else
    (including cruise) goes for with 160,000 miles?

    Joe in Northern, NJ - V#8013-R

    Currently Riding The "Mother Ship"

    Ride a motorcycle in or near NJ?
    Joe, Aug 22, 2006
  2. Joe

    J B Guest

    Can't answer your question about the price of a used SL1, Joe. As far as
    legroom in an SW2 goes I haven't had that problem in mine which is a
    2000. I'm only average height though at 5'10". Unless you're like 6'5"
    or something I can't imagine what the deal was. Could they have changed
    the design that much in 2 years and taken out some of the legroom? I
    wouldn't think so but who knows?

    Overall I'm happy with my SW2 but there are some things that bug me. The
    #1 thing I don't like is that it sits so low to the ground. Other
    things: I don't like parallel parking it; it's a 4-cyl.; the friend who
    sold it to me did not opt for ABS brakes but got the roof rack which I
    never use; and the blind spots are too big looking out to the left and
    right sides of the windshield. Things I like: Lots of room which helped
    when I moved from one state to another; cruise control; good gas
    mileage; decent stereo system; again, the room in it considering it's a
    small wagon; and it's fairly comfortable once I'm actually in it. I just
    hate getting in and out (bad knee). Honestly, the reason I bought it is
    because my friend gave me a great price on it when I needed a good
    driving car. I had said I'd never buy another 4-cyclinder but ended up
    with this little wagon. I'm not disappointed with it. It drives nice.

    J B, Aug 23, 2006
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