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    JHOLMBERG4 Guest

    To All,

    This morning I started the car to go to work after letting it sit for
    a little over a week. The car started fine and all of the engine
    warning lights, the fuel light, the battery light, security light came
    on, the spedometer didn't work, gas showed emplty even though it is
    full, the tach. didn't work. So which electrcial part needs to be
    replaced or do I need to put in a new battery, since it is the

    Thank you all for your assistance.

    JHOLMBERG4, Jul 30, 2007

    Guest Guest

    Did it do that for a few moments, then go back to normal or did it stay like
    that? If it went back to normal, then I would say it's your battery as I
    had that happen as well and it was the computer resetting itself each time,
    even though there seemed more than enough juice to start the car. I put a
    new battery in it and it fixed the problem......5-6 years on a factory
    battery is pretty good. You should replace it anyway if you've got the
    funds and are planning to keep the car because it will go soon enough....

    Good Luck

    Guest, Jul 30, 2007

    Oppie Guest

    Electrical system is a good place to start. Definitely have the battery
    tested. Strange things happen with marginal electrical power. Check the
    grounds and ground straps as well.
    Keep in mind though that the instrument panel is not connected directly to
    any sensors. It is simply a readout/display and is connected to the Body
    control module by way of a CAN bus. There are supposed to be diagnostics
    (not available to mere mortals like us - only the dealers that know how to
    use the equipment...) that will exercise the insturment panel and verify the
    condition of the BCM, IP and wiring.
    Oppie, Jul 30, 2007

    JHOLMBERG4 Guest

    I think it is the battery at the end of its life, because when I drove
    car at lunch, everything worked and ony the service engine light was
    on. by the time I drove it back to the office all the service lights
    were off.

    thank you for your help.

    JHOLMBERG4, Jul 30, 2007

    raamman Guest

    it sounds like the bcm got fried. very expensive to replace. mine got
    fried just before the warrenty ran out and it took 7 yes seven trips
    to the dealer who tinkered with this n that trying to fix the symptoms
    before replacing the bcm and frying all the bulbs in my dash. the bcm
    replacement did the trick the fried bulbs didn't; ( thanx "budds
    saturn" you incompetent morons)
    raamman, Aug 2, 2007
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