Vue 2004: heated mirrors?

Discussion in 'Saturn VUE' started by Andrew Webber, Sep 1, 2004.

  1. I'm thinking of buying a 2004 Vue (probably V6 with AWD, it gets cold
    and snows in Ottawa ;). My current vehicle is a 1991 Explorer
    purchased new in 1990.

    My Explorer has nothing power at all, except I added a remote starter
    about two years ago. I don't much care if I have power mirrors or
    not, but it looks like I'll end up with them. What will really bug me
    is that they're not heated (a big deal in winter here). Now I
    understand manual mirrors not being heated, but not power mirrors!

    Is it practical to get heated mirrors added as an aftermarket thing?
    Would it cause warranty trouble?

    Any other advice on this? It's been a long time since I bought a
    vehicle (14 years actually :). The other thing that bugs me about the
    Vue is that the rear window doesn't open separately -- right now I
    can't open my rear gate for all the stuff dumped in the back!



    andrew []
    Andrew Webber, Sep 1, 2004
  2. Andrew Webber

    Brian Talley Guest

    It seemed weird to me, too. I traded in a Jetta GLS for my Vue.
    The Jetta had far more cool little features like that. What's
    up with that? Impressing customers (like me, anyway) is best
    done when it shows the designers paid attention to detail.
    Probably not. My '03 Vue's side mirrors didn't have any problems
    last winter (I'm in Rochester, New York - we get a lot of snow.)
    Dunno. Ask your dealer.
    If it won't void your warranty, get it. You might also look into
    heated seats (available only with the leather option. My Saturn
    told me heated seats made of cloth would burst into flame. Funny
    how that never happened on my Jetta....)

    The Vue does well in the snow. No worries.
    Erm...don't dump so much stuff in the back?

    Brian Talley, Sep 1, 2004
  3. Well the rear window on the 1991 Explorer has a maximum width of
    47-1/2"!! So no one is immune. But as I said, it will bug me to have
    power there and no heating.

    The salesman has been telling me it's no problem. Today I called the
    place he recommended (which I've used before, coincidentally) and they
    said there's no heated mirror for the Vue. :(

    The problem with non-heated mirrors of course is when you go into a
    damp parking garage from a cold outside. I still like the Vue, but as
    you say I want that attention to detail.

    It looks to me like I can get heated seats without going to leather.
    First you need the Power Package (standard on V6, optional on I4):

    Package - Power: includes power windows, power door locks, remote
    keyless entry, content theft, anti-lock out and theft deterrent
    system, auto diming rearview mirror with compass and temperature,
    power remote control side mirrors, cruise control, overhead console
    light, and automatic light control

    then the Comfort Package (optional on all):

    Package - Comfort: includes 6-way power driver seat, heated front
    seat, manual lumbar (requires power package)

    Alternatively, the Leather Package requires the Power Package too:

    Package – Leather: includes leather seating surfaces, leather wrapped
    steering wheel with leather shifter knob, requires power package.
    (Leather shifter knob not available with manual FWD, 4 cyl.)

    So maybe they've taken your non-inflammatory remarks ;) to heart.
    Those descriptions are copied from but the US
    site looks about the same.

    Sure that's your answer to everything. Oh wait, you're not my ex. ;)
    You're right of course. The thing is, it isn't just junk piling up,
    it's also that's how I load and unload most things (up to a 24 of Diet
    Coke) with the Explorer. Maybe I can live with the fixed window. But
    I love the opening window so much! (OTOH Kia Sorento has an opening
    window but it's so high a shorter person can't reach in).

    andrew []
    Andrew Webber, Sep 2, 2004
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