vent control mode cable, 93 dohc

Discussion in 'General Motoring' started by CBrooks, Jul 13, 2006.

  1. CBrooks

    CBrooks Guest

    This cable, when the dash lever is pushed to the left, sends the
    air to the front air vents, when pushed to the right, it sends
    the air to the windshield. From my Haynes manual, it says there
    is a clip that keeps the cable onto the plastic control arm of
    the lever. Well my clip evidently either disappeared or the
    control arm broke due to the cable not working as freely as it
    should normally. In the past I knew that it needed some kind of
    lubrication and did try that spray-on red colored bear grease.
    That did not do the trick. Anyone got good advice for this? Can
    a clip be bought separately or should I just jury-rig it?

    Also, where exactly is the other end of this cable and how hard
    is it to get to? Haynes doesn't go into detail on this. Thanks - CB
    CBrooks, Jul 13, 2006
  2. CBrooks

    wavy Guest

    I broke off the clip while I was replacing the heater core. (man that
    plastic air ductwork was a hassle!)
    But to continue consistant control capacity, I made better my mistake
    by gluing the outer cable conduit-end to the mounting stub. Use
    gorilla snot or some kind of super sticky ethyl vinyl based glue that
    wont let go. (Dont glue your fingers together.)

    trying to defeat the laws of entropy
    One Saturn at a time
    wavy, Jul 13, 2006
  3. CBrooks

    CBrooks Guest

    I took out the radio and watched the levers & cables in action.
    I noticed the one working heater control cable also did not have
    a clip on it. The Haynes manual vaguely shows using a needle
    nose to pinch the plastic post to get the cables on or off. If
    there were supposed to be metallic clips on the cables and
    posts, I don't know what happened to them. Am wondering if the
    car alarm installer wacked them years ago. Anyway they sure are
    not there.

    Also, googled this subject and found one relevant ng post and it
    basically said the reason this one control lever works so hard
    was because the older Saturn's have a problem in the actual flap
    that controls the air diverting direction. Sure enough it was
    plainly visible by using a flash light looking down the throat
    of this vent. The foam backing/cover is really messed up and has
    come un-glued and thus is making it's normal proper easy motion
    real screwed up. So am going to try and fix that somehow if I
    can figure out how to get to that foam covered flap. Think this
    would fix it. Thanks....
    CBrooks, Jul 14, 2006
  4. CBrooks

    CBrooks Guest

    Well the 'ol bugger is fixed! The old ng tip about that material
    on the vent flap that comes un-glued on the older Saturns was
    right on. I managed to use a coat hanger and remove that liner
    in bits and pieces. Took my time as it was hothothot out. Then I
    used a paper clip to retain the cable onto the post so will call
    Saturn to cancel my order for the clip which isn't cheap.
    Managed to fix my radio also in this process and all is good
    again with my car til the next thing goes.
    CBrooks, Jul 15, 2006
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