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Discussion in 'General Motoring' started by Roy, Jan 12, 2006.

  1. Roy

    Roy Guest

    I'm going to be tackling a transmission swap in the next few days. 98 Saturn
    SL1 5 speed manual.
    What I'm wondering is if there are any tips or tricks that people have come
    across that might not be in the manuals. I have a Haynes manual that I will
    be reading through while I wait for the new tranny to get here. Anybody done
    the swap using a Haynes manual and noticed any errors or steps that could be
    improved on. I'll be borrowing a garage to do the swap in so I'm hoping to
    make it as quick and problem free as possible.
    Thanks for any help that can be offered.

    Roy - 98 SL1 (~150,000km)
    Roy, Jan 12, 2006
  2. Roy

    SixthSphere Guest

    are you going Auto to Manual or just dropping in a new tranny?

    I would recommend that you change the clutch while you have the tranny
    out unless you have recently already changed it.

    as far as I remember, I had no problems changing out mine based on the
    Haynes procedure

    part from Saturn!

    Some people on my site can probaly help you out too... feel free to
    check out the link below

    a.k.a. ProjectSW1
    SixthSphere, Jan 12, 2006
  3. Roy

    Lane Guest

    Give this document a read. With a few minor additions to it, you will be
    able to remove the trans through the wheelwell. I think Haynes manuals say
    to pull the engine first and that's not necessary. I've swapped at least 4
    transmissions via the method in this document (in fact, one of the pictures
    is from my race car :) ), and it works well. Even got it down to about
    an hour, depending on whether or not I have to fight with trans shaft/clutch
    disc alignment when putting it all back together.

    Lane [ lane (at) ]
    Lane, Jan 12, 2006
  4. Roy

    Roy Guest

    Straight swap no modding.
    I already decided I would do that, hate to have to pull it all apart again
    in six months to change the clutch.
    Roy, Jan 12, 2006
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