Steering Pump Bolts for 2001 Saturn SL2

Discussion in 'Other Saturn Models' started by OutofGalaxy, Jun 22, 2024.

  1. OutofGalaxy


    Jun 22, 2024
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    I removed a Steering Pump for one project on 2001 Saturn SL2 together with the Pump Bracket, and forgot to mark the bolts (they are of a bit different length). They are 6 bolts M8-1.25 altogether: 3 shorter (~35mm) and 3 longer(~40mm). Can someone advise where long bolts go? Is it like those which attach the Bracket to the engine are short and those which attach the pump to the bracket long? Or not all of them which go into the engine are of the same length. Please help.
    OutofGalaxy, Jun 22, 2024
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