SL2 Rotted out & fails NYS Inspection...*Sigh*

Discussion in 'Saturn S-series' started by IYM, Nov 14, 2005.

  1. IYM

    IYM Guest

    Well, my somewhat faithful 94 SL2 is going the way of greener pastures (or
    Mexico/Latin America)....

    Believe it or not, the roof rotted out from the inside where it meets the
    windshield, and I developed 2 long stress cracks from the roof flexing. I
    didn't know that the cracks were from the rot until the Safelite guy comes
    to fix the glass and tells me he won't touch it because once he gets the
    glass out, he's not sure he can get the new one back in. And even if he
    does, it'll crack again, and I need to go to an auto-body guy to have the
    frame repaired before new glass can be installed.

    Well, the car has 180K on it, uses 2 quarts of oil per month, and I had to
    slip the inspector $20 the last two years to get him to "help" it through
    the emissions. The inspection is due in a few weeks again so between the
    emissions and the windshield, I think it's time to put the little car out to

    Not sure exactly what I'm getting, (although wife is leaning towards a HHR)
    but I want to thank all for the help over the years with the few problems I
    did have....

    Thanks again everyone, and wish me luck as I enter the world of
    *gasp* salesmen... ahhhhh!!!!!

    IYM, Nov 14, 2005
  2. My '93 SC2 is going to pasture (literally) by year's end. It can't pass
    the NY state smogger, period. High HC's. We've replaced everything but
    the motor already.

    I'm looking at the Impaler or a Charger. The former's got the
    reliability, size, mpg, features, but it's
    booooooorrrrriiiiiinnnnnnggggg. The chargeer? If it drives as well and
    it doesn't look like it'll fall apart like a Chrysler....
    Philip Nasadowski, Nov 14, 2005
  3. IYM

    blah blah Guest

    Nearly 12 years and 180k?...yeah you got your use out of it.

    HHR? Stay away from that ugly beast and look at a 2.2L Vue.

    Phil unless you were looking at a 06 Impala with a 5.3 dont bother with
    EITHER! I'm supprised you of all people even considered those choises.
    The only car in that price and class range that comes close to what
    you're looking for is a 06 Grand Prix. It looks aggressive and is
    superior in many ways. Especially since you seem to do most of the
    servicing yourself.
    blah blah, Nov 15, 2005
  4. IYM

    IYM Guest

    Everyone's got their opinions, but my wife & I for once agree with each
    other (regarding cars anyway) and actually find the Vue very *ugly*...(My
    parents have one)..But like they say, opinions are like ---holes, everyone's
    got one...I actually like the HHR's styling. The thing was, I was looking
    for a cheap commuter car to replace the SL2, but with a 2nd kid on the way
    and $ being tight, the HHR falls right into what we need, and in the price
    range needed (mid to upper teens)....the thing is just a Chevy Cobalt

    BTW - Yea yea, I know I got the use out of the SL2, but it's not a good time
    for me personally to have to go through the BS of looking for another
    car....But when is it ever, right? :) heh...What's even better is that 12
    years and 180K, and Chevy's going to give me $586 in trade in value!! A lot
    better than I thought, considering that my dad was going to trade in this
    SL2 for his Vue 3 years ago and they were only going to give him $800 for
    it, so he gave it to me with 100K on it instead....

    Oh and Phil - If you can find a station to *work* with, they got mine to get
    through the "smogger" with a little trick...They disconnected the fan,
    thereby getting the engine hot (almost red-line) by the end of the dyno
    test....The hotter she ran, the better she did on the emissions. (Guess
    burns off the gasses?) Not sure this works with all cars, but it he says it
    does with the Saturns....Where in NY are you? If you want to give my guy a
    shot before you give up on your car, let me know and I'll tell you via
    e-mail (not here)...

    IYM, Nov 15, 2005
  5. Long Island, Nassau region.
    Philip Nasadowski, Nov 15, 2005
  6. I dunno, I kinda liked the Impaler. It's got a good amount of features
    (on the 3LT trim level at least) and it's behaves when you drive it.
    *sigh* I was thinking of a Caddy, but too much $$$. I'm not happy with
    the choices out there but I've got a deadline unless the car 'magically'
    I might look at it. I've been too drowned with Pontiac horror stories,
    though mechanicaly it's pretty much the same car anyway...
    The Impaler with the 6 didn't look to bad under the hood. Mostly
    plastic covers to keep the curious curious. When will the auto makers
    finally ditch this dead weight on cars? Didn't drive too bad either.
    I'd look at a GTO but the interior SUCKS and the price does too. The
    mpg is a touch low for a 2 times a week 75 mile each way field call, too

    Seriously, if the Impaler didn't look so Booooooooooring, and was RWD,
    I'd probbably go for it, hands down. I don't hate FWD *that* much, if
    it's done right it's ok a lot of the time, but I'd like to own at least
    one RWD car before I'm dead. The Mr Reliable car won't be it...

    A friend suggested a Crown Vic. I'm not into land barges that ride like
    a ferry in rough seas...

    Actualy, none of Ford's stuff excites me, though the Mustang would have
    but it's 1 liter and 100hp too small...
    Philip Nasadowski, Nov 16, 2005
  7. IYM

    blah blah Guest

    The new Impala is rwd? I Havent been paying attention. No wonder they
    managed to shoe-horn that 5.3 in. Being an Impala, insurance shouldnt be
    anymore for the 5.3l...Yet. Nothing justifies buying that 3.5/3.9
    Yeah who are those people? Those are people who havent owned a Pontiac
    that was newer than 1992.
    Its called an injector sight sheild and its easy to remove (twist off
    oil fill neck) and doesnt weigh anything though I put mine away. I like
    seeing and monitoring the condition of my plug wires. Also be sure to
    let me know how hard it is to touch every fuel injector on the beautiful
    series III 3800 and how hard it is to touch every fuel injector on the

    A better car in that class is a Bonneville SLE. Air ride suspension,
    corners like a cat. Plus it gets wayyyyyy better gas mileage. Oh wait...
    some overpaid ignorant GM bean counters killed that model this year...
    Ford once and awhile really hits the mark on styling but when it comes
    to everything under that skin...very ugly and poorly thought out. How
    those ford engines run is beyond me. I've seen GM vehicles with less
    clutter in the 1980's with smog control crap.
    blah blah, Nov 16, 2005
  8. IYM

    IYM Guest

    I'm in Suffolk - You willing to go out to around the Sayville area? If so
    and are interested I'll send you the info....

    IYM, Nov 17, 2005
  9. Sure why not? It's not *that* far :) i do a 75 mile each way field
    call once a week anyway heh.
    Philip Nasadowski, Nov 17, 2005
  10. IYM

    IYM Guest

    Well blah blah,

    Not that you talked me into it or anything, but more because that when I
    went to the Chevy dealer to sign for the HHR, they rescinded their offer on
    my trade-in down to $150!! Plus, after arraigning on Sat. to have the actual
    car in question there last night for us to look at, they forgot to bring it
    over from another lot making us wait for 1 hour with a 3 year old. In
    addition, after arguing with the sales guy over the trade in value and what
    he promised, I can overhear the manager calling my car "a piece of sh*t and
    if the you want to give him $586 for it, it can out of your f---in' salary".
    The whole experience and the way we were treated last night turned my
    stomach, so I'm stopping tonight to get my deposit back. Anyway on a whim,
    we stopped by the Saturn dealer on the way home, mostly to see what they
    had. I really didn't like anything they had except the new Vue. I didn't
    realize how much they changed since my parents Vue. (Theirs is the first
    year Vue V6 AWD) My wife like the way that they changed some things and
    rounded off the front end as well as more importantly for her, changed the
    interior, so she's hooked on it. It's got a lot more room in it than the
    HHR and more features for our money. The best thing was in addition to a
    decent price we worked out, they then went out and checked my Saturn.
    They're giving me $1K for trade in plus $500 for being a previous Saturn
    owner. Yea, I know that the no haggle thing prevents them from playing
    with the MSRP number, so this is where they can play with the numbers, but
    there is the psychological impact of making me feel better about my car. :)
    Anyway, payments work out to be $10 cheaper a month than the HHR, so I get
    more car for my money. Is it my dream car? No, but I really had started out
    looking for a cheap commuter car anyway, so....I guess it looks like I'll be
    hanging around here after all, so welcome me back! :)

    Oh, and my wife likes the special promo around here of "Buy a Saturn, get a
    $500 shopping spree at Target"....Me personally? Give me another $500 off
    the friggin' car, but Christmas is coming anyway, right?

    Wish me luck!!

    IYM, Nov 18, 2005
  11. IYM

    blah blah Guest

    Welcome back? You going through with the buy already or soon? You're
    looking at a 4 banger vue right? 6 cyl uses a timing belt and is a bit
    of a pain and pricey to service anything on. I had a feeling the HHR
    wasnt so great. It looked like it wasa rush job to target the PT cruiser
    / H2 market. (The kind of market that didnt really care if it was a good
    or pratical vehicle, just that it looked different.) I never even knew
    the HHR was coming out. There wasnt any hype that I read about and I
    only learned of it months after it came out I think. Lots of hype about
    a lot of other GM concepts that never make it, how the HHR made it, I'll
    never know... At least the Solstice made it.

    As far as small suv's go the Ecotec equiped Vue seems to be the most
    pratical and by far the better looking. It wont tow much of a load but
    who tows these days to justify these big gas sucking suv's? (I'm not an
    environmentalist but living beyond ones needs in that manner is stupid.)
    The ecotec with "traction control" should get you where ever you're
    going. Not sure what the weather and roads are like where you're at but
    AWD is often over kill so pass on that. (think they dropped the awd opt
    for 4cyl. though) I dont know if GM's doing their 24hr test drive thing
    still but be sure to take one simular to what you want for a test drive
    if you havent already so if you have any issues with something you wont
    be disappointed later.

    Good luck.
    blah blah, Nov 18, 2005
  12. IYM

    IYM Guest

    Pretty much looks like we're going through....Yes, looking at the 4 banger,
    but a 5 speed...Gets better mileage than the auto (sticker states
    24city/30hwy which is identical to the HHR - Not that you get what it says
    anyway, but it's a comparative guide)...Don't need the AWD anyway.....Long
    Island is as flat as a pancake, and the snow we get here is not a big
    deal.....Not worried about towing. I have a '99 F150 Lariat that is my real
    baby. :) My wife went with my Dad to look at it during the day and drive
    it again, and she's even more hooked....We'll see what happens...

    Thanks again,


    IYM, Nov 18, 2005
  13. IYM

    IYM Guest


    Tried to e-mail you at the attached address, but it was kicked back. If
    your still interested in the place, send me a e-mail addy to reply to...

    IYM, Nov 21, 2005

  14. Oh, it's, not It confuses skimmers, and
    sometimes usenet posters ;)
    Philip Nasadowski, Nov 22, 2005
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