shift linkage problem, little piece-big problem

Discussion in 'General Motoring' started by 150hpSL1992, Feb 3, 2005.

  1. 150hpSL1992

    150hpSL1992 Guest

    the first thing i have to say about the linkage design saturn came up with
    is that it sux. i have done hours upon hours of work trying to get the
    trany in my 92 SL to work right, it is usless.

    i am very familiar with the assembly of the shifting mechanism on the car
    so anyone, that is anyone who really knows about this, not just a saturn
    owner, please post if you have any ideas of how to help me.

    the problem:
    about a year ago i had the trany replaced, and the bastards put the main
    cable (the one with the ring on it) in a little twisted, this caused alot
    of friction on the plastic cap (the one that holds the ring onto the
    balljoint att he bottom of the shifter) and caused the flared outside end
    of the cap to wear down to nothing.

    i need to know one of a few things:
    first and formost, this just happened so i havent gotten a chance to look
    for myself but, does anyone know where i could get an aftermarket shifter
    that will fit the 1992 5-speed SL? or if there is anything that i could do
    to just fix it (not ghetto rig it!) with another, easy to find piece so i
    dont have to go thru alot of mail-ordering garbage. and finnaly if none of
    this, does anyone know where i could find this piece? (if unclear about
    which cap i am talking about please post that and i will repost a better


    "why upgrade a 92 saturn? cause no one else on the street did it..."
    150hpSL1992, Feb 3, 2005
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