service light on a saturn what does it mean not a SERVICE ENGINE SOON LIGHT

Discussion in 'General Motoring' started by zazspaz, Mar 31, 2006.

  1. zazspaz

    zazspaz Guest

    I have a 98 saturn sl2 1.9 dohc. My service light keeps coming on and going
    off... While one time I start the car it is on then I shut it off and start
    it up again it will not come on..This is not the service engine soon light...
    Is this setup only for saturn b/c I have not seen it before and can I hook up
    a scanner and see why this light comes on..
    zazspaz, Mar 31, 2006
  2. Did they have the oil change warning lights in 98? If so, at the last
    oil change it might not have been reset.
    Chris Ehlbeck, Mar 31, 2006
  3. zazspaz

    GeekBoy Guest

    The service engine light can mean that the computer is generating a fault

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    GeekBoy, Apr 1, 2006
  4. zazspaz

    Tom Guest

    Service light, but not the service engine soon light?

    You might want to get the car to a mechanic, imho.


    tom @
    Tom, Apr 1, 2006
  5. zazspaz

    Bob Shuman Guest

    Get the code read free at Autozone. You do not indicate mileage or
    maintenance history. EGR valve replacement (simple fix) is a common issue
    with this vehicle at 80-120K miles.

    Post what you learn to benefit others.

    Bob Shuman, Apr 5, 2006
  6. This not able to be read from a cheap ass scanner such as actron like
    autozone uses to scan..The car has 63000 miles on it..Has a slight vibration
    at idle sometimes..
    zazspaz via, Apr 7, 2006
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