Security Bypass Problem Possibly

Discussion in 'Saturn S-series' started by Will1!, Oct 20, 2020.

  1. Will1!


    Oct 20, 2020
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    Can I bypass the security keylock on my 2001 SL2 or if need be hotwire it. I have had nothing but trouble with this stupid GM b's. I've tried the 3x on 3x acc 10 min each fix to no avail. Maybe I'm not doing it right... Turn key to ON position wait 10mins then turn key to ACC position for 30sec do this 3X then turn it to the OFF position then try to start? The car WAS starting, but only for a few seconds, then die. A couple of times It didn't die and I was able to drive it, but it ran rough and when coming to a stop died, but restarted. One thing strange is, if I ran the AC the car sounded like it would die so I turned it off, ran better. Sometimes, during its finicke ways I would let it idle for 10-15 mins then it ran like a champ, I could shut it down and it would start back when done right away, but shut it down overnight.... and Back to the drawing board NO START AGAIN!!! Now it WILL turn over, but won't even start for a second. NO idiot lights stay on. I am at my wits end and totally fed up! Could it be a bad PCM? BAD IGNITION SWITCH? Thanks I advance for your time. WP-
    Will1!, Oct 20, 2020
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