Saturn SL2 warning Lights for temp and fluids

Discussion in 'Saturn S-series' started by Bill, Dec 27, 2008.

  1. Bill

    Bill Guest

    I have seen the warning lights on my 98 SL2 blink on and off a few times
    while driving and then go off. The temp is fine and the fluid levels are
    normal? Does anyone know what would cause this? I have 190000 miles on the
    Bill, Dec 27, 2008
  2. Bill

    Jon Jon Guest

    Could be the reserve reservoir -- there's a "mark" close to the top of
    the bottle, when the fluid doesn't flow over that mark, the light will
    appear, even though you far from "blowing an engine".
    Jon Jon, Dec 28, 2008
  3. Bill

    Bob Shuman Guest

    I agree with JJ that it could be the coolant level indicator. As I recall,
    this indicator is orange or yellow and looks somewhat like la radiator
    symbol. Otherwise, you need to be more specific with which indicator you
    are seeing.

    Bob Shuman, Dec 28, 2008
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