saturn SL2..problems cranking after new engine rebuild

Discussion in 'Saturn S-series' started by saturn_SL2, Sep 28, 2004.

  1. saturn_SL2

    saturn_SL2 Guest

    I have recently put a new engine into my 1993 saturn SL2.This ran me around
    600 just for the bearings and gaskets.Now my car isnt wanting to crank and
    all I am getting is a sort of clicking.The engine seems to be turning and
    i replaced the starter with a new one and had it tested.Now,I've run out
    of ideas on how to fix my car,and really cannot afford to buy the parts
    all over again.Can someone give me a few ideas to try?I've tried checkin
    the starter,timing,cams,crankshaft,spark plugs,and anything else that
    would be the general idea on what to check.Anyone with ideas PLEASE...i am
    open to all of them.I would really like to keep my baby,and everyone tells
    me my car is a throw away,and will run me more to fix then to sell it.
    saturn_SL2, Sep 28, 2004
  2. saturn_SL2

    Art Guest

    Sounds like a bad battery to me.
    Art, Sep 28, 2004
  3. saturn_SL2

    saturn_SL2 Guest

    we have replaced the battery with a brand new one,and also recently been
    told that,saturn changed the starters every year from 1991-1995,so there
    are about 4 different starters out there.I called my local saturn
    dealership,and they confirmed this as well.I did however pick up a new
    starter last nite and at 4 am this morning,(in the snow of colorado where
    i live),we put the new starter on,and it cranked right up?It seems that
    there was a "quirk" in ever year of starter from 91' - 95',so the starters
    changed every year,until the problem was fixed.Weird??I would say so.I
    thought I would let you know,so anyone else having the problems doesnt
    attempt the same thing ive done.I have had mechanic after mechanic look at
    the problem,and noone could diagnois the problem,b/c the starters were
    identical.It seems,if you do not match the starter with the exact YEAR,it
    isnt going to work.(and most parts you can use up to a 1995 part on a
    1993) I love my car and I would not trade it for the world.I am the 5th
    owner of my car since 1993,when it came off the show room floor.I knew
    nothing of saturns and ive always drove chevy's.Ive never encountered a
    problem like this in my life,But I would not trade my car for the
    world,because no matter how many problems Ive had putting it back
    together,It will be worth it,b/c those of use who own the 1993 Saturn
    SL2'S,we love them,and they run like champs! Thanks again,and I hope this
    helps anyone else out:)
    saturn_SL2, Sep 29, 2004
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