Saturn SL2 engine dies shortly after startup.

Discussion in 'Saturn S-series' started by cdiesel77, Oct 28, 2005.

  1. cdiesel77

    cdiesel77 Guest


    I have a Saturn SL2 about 128644 miles on it and my question is what
    can cause the engine to just stop while driving or just idling in the
    driveway. At first my girlfriend would be sitting at a drive thru or
    at a stop light and the engine would just quit on her. She would have a
    hard time starting it right after so she would have to sit there for
    about 2 minutes which then the car will restart with no problems. A
    week goes by and it did it to me but even after waiting 10 minutes it
    will not start. Friend told me i had faint spark but he got a spark
    and it started up right away. Then died shortly again but started up
    again and then no problems at all. Now if i start the car and let it
    sit in the driveway for about 5 to 10 minutes it just comepletly shuts
    off, and wont restart until i leave it alone for about 25 minutes and
    repeat problem. I have new Ignition Module and coils. new spark plugs
    and wires. Replace the ECTS sensor. Clean the EGR Valve to the best of
    my Knowledge. I dont know what else could be killing my car.. PLEASE
    cdiesel77, Oct 28, 2005
  2. cdiesel77

    Bob Shuman Guest

    I'm assuming no trouble codes are set (service engine soon light is out).

    It takes four basic things for an engine to run: fuel, air (actually
    oxygen), compression, and spark. Air is unlikely cause here since this
    surrounds us everywhere and there is not much to the air intake system. The
    fact that it runs normally "sometimes" kinds of also rules out the
    compression angle as well. So its either fuel delivery related or spark
    related. Determine which is missing and start your troubleshooting from

    I have used a spray can of starting fluid down the throttle body to see if
    it would start ... if it does then dies, look at the fuel system: dirty
    filter, defective ASD relay, defective/dying fuel pump, other? If no change
    and still won't start with fluid, then remove a spark plug and while
    grounding it to the engine using a rubber glove as an insulator, see if you
    get spark while someone else turns the key. if no spark check the
    electronic sensors, probably the crank sensor or the computer module. Also
    make sure the battery is good and all cables and grounds have clean and
    tight connections since electronics do funny things when battery is low or
    there is a bad connection.

    Also, get a Factory Service Manual for troubleshooting since it has

    Bob Shuman, Oct 28, 2005
  3. cdiesel77

    blah blah Guest

    He probably wont get spark if the car cant tell when its on a
    compression stroke. "compression sense timing"

    Also a stock .040"-.060" gap isnt sufficient to determine if the
    ignition system is weak.

    This spark tester you can see the center electrode, this isnt good for
    modern HEI ignition systems. This spark tester you cannot see the center electrode, this is good for
    modern HEI ignition systems. If your ignition system cant jump this gap then you can be certain that
    the ignition system is weak.

    You use this tester with a short piece of rubber hose. Find a 3/8's
    rubber hose about 3-4 inches long with an inner diameter that will fit
    over the tip of a spark plug. The hose should be check with an ohm
    meter. Since its black rubber it should have "carbon" in it. This will
    conduct electricity and its resistance should be no greater than 10k
    ohms or something... Push one end of it onto the cars spark plug (leave
    the plug in the engine.) then clamp the other end of the hose with the
    Spark Tester and attach the plug wire.

    Doubt anyone followed that but thats the only way you can cheaply and
    accurately gage the strength of the ignition system.
    blah blah, Oct 29, 2005
  4. cdiesel77

    cdiesel77 Guest

    Thanks for the reply. I just hop in the car and ran it across the
    street to Autozone and had it scan. the SES light pop up right after
    i installed the ECTS sensor. Now the code that I am getting is a PO401
    EGR Excessive flow Detected low circuit. Is what i remember. Drove the
    car back quickly and it died on cue.
    cdiesel77, Oct 29, 2005
  5. cdiesel77

    MORDO2 Guest

    I have the same problem, I have changed the pcu and coils, no change. If i
    let it sit fir about ten minutes, it will start again. Confused!
    MORDO2, Nov 10, 2005
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