SATURN SL-1 2000 Automatic Transmission problems...

Discussion in 'General Motoring' started by Milos Milisavljevic, Feb 26, 2005.

  1. I bought (had!) a new SATURN SL-1 2000 on April 1,2000 with automatic
    transmission having only 52,000 km (34,000 miles) when accident
    occured. Since the 1st day I garaged it, and serviced regulary at
    SATURN authorized dealer at Montreal (DECARIE SATURN).

    On January 21,2005 it was - 35C (deep cold!) outside and as I was
    driving at the highway suddenly I heard a big bang under my car and I
    was literaly lifted form my seat. The car lost electricity, pieces of
    metal were all over the highway, even pieces of metal hit a truck
    behind me who start horning like a crazy! Transmission oil was spilled
    all over the highway, and braking fluid leaked so I hardly could even
    brake in order to stop the car, but I managed. Transmission broke and
    the estimated damage is about 2,000 CAD$.

    My insurance company hired an "independant expert" who found out (all
    together with SATURN mechancis, they did not call me to attend) that ME
    (the driver) was in fault as and that the damaged occured "due to
    excessive spinning of my tires in the snow". BTW there was no snow on
    the highway, and I was not spinning at all.

    But before the "expert" report was done, I was called by DECARIE SATURN
    (authorized trusted garage according to my BELAIR insurance company) by
    Mr. VITO who is in charge for claims. He offered I cite "A DEAL THAT
    WILL MAKE ME HAPPY". When I asked what was all about he told me to come
    to the garage "TO DISCUSS". I guess he had a plan how to "fix" my car
    to look like it was an accident/collision so that I can be rembursed by
    insurance co??
    On the other side even if I had SATURN extended warranty it would not
    help as "there was no collision, only driver's fault", so they wouldn't
    pay anyway.

    However, I have intention on sueing GM and SATURN for hidden defects on
    their automatic transmission, so I need your help guys if you have any
    similar problems or any info that I may consult. I'd appreciate a lot!

    MILOS MILISAVLJEVIC, Montreal, Canada
    Tel.:(514) 932-1816
    Milos Milisavljevic, Feb 26, 2005
  2. Milos Milisavljevic

    Art Guest

    If you had extended GM warranty I am sure it would have covered it.
    Chrysler just replaced my 2 front struts for free under their extended
    warranty even though I thought they would argue that road hazard caused the
    damage (which it did).
    Art, Feb 26, 2005
  3. Milos Milisavljevic

    blah blah Guest

    The damage does NOT need to occur at the time of the failure. Anytime
    you excessively spin one tire and not both tires differentials take
    tremendous wear. There is a pin found in all differentials that takes a
    pounding and thats likely what failed. This is not a hidden defect, it
    is a common part in ALL differentials. Whos to blaim "cannot" be
    determined especially on here because the "real facts" cannot be found.
    This will no doubt turn into nothing more than a trolling post from here
    on out (if it didnt already start out as one) so I'm filtering it.
    blah blah, Feb 26, 2005
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