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Discussion in 'Saturn Sky' started by P T, Jul 16, 2006.

  1. P T

    P T Guest

    I first saw the Pontiac version over a year ago, at the Minneapolis Auto
    Show in March. This year both Pontiac and Saturn proudly displayed
    their versions at the auto show.

    I went to the Saturn dealer today to see it. They were very nice,
    offered to let me take a spin in one, but they said they could only take
    an order, and did not expect delivery until next summer. They said
    they were not actually delivering them yet, and were expecting to supply
    their first buyers in a few weeks.

    Why don't they do a better job of meeting demand?

    [No, I declined their offer to test drive it. It's unlikely I'll buy
    one, and they said the test model is actually spoken for; I don't want
    to put miles on someone else's car. Anyway, I sat in it. It was parked
    in the sun, top down, black leather, 95 degree day. YOWWEE!]
    P T, Jul 16, 2006
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  2. P T

    dirtbag Guest

    Saturn dealers are going belly up by the boatload, at least where I live
    I would look for the Pontiac version if I were you.
    dirtbag, Jul 16, 2006
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  3. P T

    Joe Guest

    Saturn dealers are going belly up by the boatload, at least where I live
    Look for the Opel version...

    Joe in Northern, NJ - V#8013-R

    Currently Riding The "Mother Ship"

    Ride a motorcycle in or near NJ?
    Joe, Jul 16, 2006
  4. P T

    marx404 Guest

    Heres the real scoop. (and btw- why all the sudden all the haters here? I
    thought this was a board for nice pro-saturn ppl)

    The SKY was first conceived in '04 in the Frankfurt Auto Show as a concept
    car. GM's Rick Wagoner fell in love with it and talked the designers to
    bring the car into production. At the time, Saturn was also showing a
    concept car called the Curve (which never made to production). The curve
    concept was scrapped and the SKY was decided to be built to reimage the
    Saturn brand.

    Within this design period, GM was going thru some financial issues (I'm sure
    you may have heard) and was pondering 86ing either Buick or Pontiac as their
    sales were lacking beyond Saturn's. This and the widely-proposed usage of
    the Kappa based platform allowed GM to provide the SKY Kappa design to
    Pontiac to call it their own and thus the Solstice was born. The Solstice
    was debuted a year prior to the release of the SKY to test the market for a
    2 seater convertible, despite Saturn's announcement and plans to release the
    SKY later on.

    Both the SKY and Solstice are what the call Halo Vehicles. See Wikipedia for

    The idea, which IMO is an ill conceived one, is to make a very low
    production car to attract ppl to the brand whom may not have otherwise have
    considered the brand. Now why someone would come to a Saturn dealership to
    look at a SKY and turn around and buy an ION is just plain silly. A VUE or
    Aura perhaps.

    There will be NO Opel version sold in the US and besides, that will be the
    exact same car only rebadged and shipped from Wilmington USA to Germany,
    the proposed selling price for that HALO car is $40K US currency. The SKY is
    under $30K. and is very obtainable for those willing to wait.

    Saturn is not the only car brand to sell halo cars, but I have to say that
    they are relying far too much and advertising too much something that they
    can only deliver in very small amounts which in the short run is only
    hurting them and driving away current customers. Maybe next year when some
    real viable full production vehicles come out will Saturn regain what they
    had a few years ago in the general public's eye.

    marx404, Jul 19, 2006
  5. P T

    Private Guest

    (and btw- why all the sudden all the haters here? I

    Saturn regain what they
    The sales and marketing bean counters killed the hard earned well deserved
    Saturn goodwill when they lost sight of their roots which was simple,
    reliable and economical transportation. They should have focused on
    maximizing the return on their investment in the S series and should have
    brought out a third generation model with very few changes. The second
    generation styling is still attractive and the basic platform is sound.
    IMHO, they should have kept the single cam and the station wagon body and
    marketed them (like Ford escort & Taurus) for the same price as the sedans.

    They could have improved the door armrest padding and the location of the
    cig lighter so that a radar detector plug would not block the cup holder.
    Also done some work on the engine metallurgy and I bet that some planned
    fuel system and computer engine management improvements died in the
    engineering department. They could have developed a turbo diesel which
    would compete very well with the VW Golf/Jetta TDI. I would have replaced
    my oldest SW1 in 2002 if they had been available and would have loved to
    have been (or be) able to buy an SW-TDI. I would have purchased factory
    roof rack rails. The S series platform could (perhaps) have been adapted
    for a hybrid engine. They could have developed an S series 4wd like the
    Subaru, (although I have never needed 4wd and would probably not be willing
    to pay the increased cost for decreased load capacity and economy). I wish
    that they had used a more common tire size (185 instead of 175 x 14) and
    wish that I could have purchased the 15" rims with the single cam engine. I
    would have purchased heavy duty springs. I would have paid a higher price

    Instead of doing what they were doing well, better, they tried to do what
    everyone else was already doing better. Why did they kill the SW1? Did the
    world really need another SUV? Was there a shortage of 4dr sedan models
    available? Does every new car model need to be bigger and burn more fuel?

    I think they are now toast.

    Just my .02
    Private, Jul 19, 2006
  6. P T

    marx404 Guest

    nope, not toast, lets not write them off just yet, lest see what the future
    holds with Opel. I agree somewhat with your opinion about the S series, they
    should have kept and revised it.

    marx404, Jul 20, 2006
  7. P T

    nblomgren Guest

    Exactly. After three SLs, I'm now driving a Civic.

    Saturn seems to have given up on what my demographic is looking for:
    simple, reliable, economical transportation, just as this post says.

    i'm not sure if the company's toast, and I'm glad others are finding
    what they want in a Saturn -- over the years I've converted several
    people into joining the Saturn family -- but I won't be going back.

    who once dreamed of owning an SW2
    nblomgren, Jul 20, 2006
  8. P T

    Linda Guest

    Yes very sad indeed. I'm on my second engine & trans for my 94 SW2 and
    when this motor goes I'll drop in an electric motor and lay out my
    batteries in the back. They should have never dropped the S series it
    should have gone to hybrid. The SW is a great little car.
    Linda, Jul 22, 2006
  9. P T

    BläBlä Guest

    Um yeah... Expect to spend over 5000 bucks doing that. Also don't expect
    much more than 30 miles per charge... (is a good/neat site to read)

    Electric cars are an expensive "hobby". If it aint "big oil" its "big
    battery". Battery tech is currently at a stand still. The only viable
    alternative fuel source I currently see that is also environmentally
    friendly and easy to convert to would be Biodiesel. There are no
    limitations with Biodiesel like there is with batteries and with the
    already cramped cars being made into hybrids.
    Full size trucks, semi's, as well as compact cars can all fill up at
    the same pumps with biodiesel. Since biodiesel doesnt have the octane
    rating bs of gas nor has different blends, that I know of, there should
    only be ONE PRICE at a pump. Since the source of fuel isnt shared with
    airlines that would also be a plus.
    Hybrids blow. Spend more money than normal to save nothing but a little
    fraction of a fraction of ozone. Waste of effort. Use the money you save
    by not buying a hybrid on planting a few tree's.
    BläBlä, Jul 23, 2006
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