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Discussion in 'Saturn Sky' started by James1549, Sep 14, 2005.

  1. James1549

    James1549 Guest

    James1549, Sep 14, 2005
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  2. I cannot wait for it to get here.

    Still have yet to see one with a top on it. I hear it was going to be a soft
    top but I have not been able to back that up with any proof.
    Ray Cassick \(Home\), Sep 14, 2005
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  3. James1549

    marx404 Guest

    Hey, I want a die cast toy! :)

    Can't wait for the SKY to roll into town here. Hmm, Saturn STILL isn't
    showing what the top up looks like?

    marx404, Sep 14, 2005
  4. James1549

    James1549 Guest

    The factory rep on hand claims there are no plans in the immediate
    future for a coupe or removable hard top. He told me the car on display
    did NOT have a top at all. They wouldn't even open the hood.

    James1549, Sep 15, 2005
  5. Wonder if the car on disply's just a dead shell to give people an idea
    what it looks like? *shrug*

    One nice thing, I read it's actually a RWD car, so many there's hope at
    GM afterall? Now all we need is a better looking RWD Impaler, and I
    might actually go to a GM dealer. The new Charger looks nice but behind
    every great mopar motor's a mopar transmission, plus it's too big and 4
    door. The new rustang looks great but has a pussy motor. 4.6L V8?
    Hello Ford, this is a musclecar, not a Crown Vic. I hear the interior
    sucks too...

    I like the Impaler, but can't bring myself to buy a FWD one. Come on
    GM, you got an easy sale here - give it RWD and a decent V8, and make it
    look badass, and I'm in.

    At least the Sky being RWD shows there's hope, though. too bad the
    3800's not offered on it - I'm never buying a 4 cylinder car if I can
    avoid it...
    Philip Nasadowski, Sep 18, 2005
  6. James1549

    Blah Blah Guest

    Pop the hood of the Charger, see a packed cluster f*&^ed engine
    compartment, walk away... Pop the hood of the Rustang, see a packed
    cluster f*&^ed engine compartment, walk away...
    The bad thing about the Ecotec is it doesnt get great gas mileage but
    its still the best 4 banger out there.

    The 3800's are being dropped by the bean counters for an engineering
    nightmare called the 60 degree v6. The Sky is a Kappa Platform and GM
    was going to come out with a Zeta platform which was also going to be a
    RWD sedan platform but the F*&$ING IDIOTS postponed its development for
    increased SUV productions!!! With gas prices going only in one direction
    and the continued drop in SUV sales WTF ARE THEY THINKING!!! I am
    getting so SICK of SUV's! They are so damn worthless...

    Here is my wish, a all aluminum Series IV 3800 making the following
    220hp NA / 275hp SC / 310hp TC
    With Displacement on Demand and only in RWD vehicles. I might actually
    consider buying a "brand new" car then. Right now I see no reason to
    part with my Bonneville for the next 5 to 10 years.
    Blah Blah, Sep 18, 2005
  7. Yeah, that's what scares me. The new Rustang looks great, but the
    interior I hear sucks and still, a sub 5 liter 8 in a musclecar? Yuk. I
    don't care that it's the magic 'modular' motor or that it's politically
    correct. It's a fucking musclecar. The point is your right foot
    controls how fast you hit Mach 1 and how much of the world hears you...
    But it's still a 4 banger. And no matter how good they get, I always
    find them lacking...
    Another brilliant GM move - kill off the best motor in the industry.
    Typical GM. What idiot spends 50 grand on Suburban anyway? the only
    way a Suburban is ever cool is if it's an older one that's jacked up
    high enough you can drive over a Corvette without damaging it.
    There's an orange Chevy pickup for sale near me that just screams
    badass. My mind says no fucking way but it just looks like FUN. And
    it's high enough that you can just sit under it when you do the oil...

    SUV sales in general are done. The big fad's faded. People are sick of
    them. Sedans are the next big thing.
    I wish GM would wake up and get on the RWD bandwagon bigtime, along with
    shoreing up their V6/V8 offerings. Or, go with the old Nova concept
    circa 1970 - a nice looking car that you could get just about any
    powertrain you wanted in it, along with granny car to badass tire smoker
    tirm options. Didn't they offer like 7 or 8 engines on that thing for a
    year or two? There's a zillion of 'em still out there because they
    bsold a zillion of 'em in the first place because you could get the
    things however the heck you wanted.

    Come on GM, you've got the best transmissions, the best engines out
    there. Get the rest of the car up to snuff and you'll get people in the
    showroom bigtime. Quit it with the silly HHR stuff and blandola FWD
    grannymobiles already. Let Toyota make the frek cars and grab the
    granny market. Most people under 30 wouldnt' be caught dead behind the
    wheel of a Camary as it is. Leverage that to your advantage...
    Philip Nasadowski, Sep 19, 2005
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