Saturn needs Mystery Shoppers

Discussion in 'General Motoring' started by Justin, Sep 28, 2005.

  1. Justin

    Justin Guest

    I work for the company that is running Saturn's mystery shopping
    program and they are looking for more Saturn owners to participate.
    There are currently a few locations being shopped, but come January,
    we'll be going to locations all over the country.
    There is no fee to join, and you can get paid for getting your oil
    changed, tires rotated or just for looking at the new cars.
    If you are interested, you can e-mail me at jmeyer @ or go to our website and register. The site is
    Justin, Sep 28, 2005
  2. Justin

    marx404 Guest

    Hey wonderful idea. I just have to ask though. Being a consultant, will I
    get paid anything for being taken off the sales floor for an hour or two by
    a mystery shopper? IMHO, any salesman / service person should be compensated
    in some way or form for getting an "excellent" 100% score on these shopper

    Also, as I said it is a good idea to keep checks and balances, heres an
    idea. Why not send out a few mystery shoppers to service departments who
    have thier cars modified and or dressed up for show. It would be interesting
    to know how carefully modified cars (ex: chromed, painted or aftermarket
    parts) are handled in the shop. Unfortunatelly, not all mechanics are alike.

    btw - I love the challenge, I have sold 3 cars so far to confirmed mystery
    shoppers. Bring 'em on!
    marx404, Sep 29, 2005
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