Saturn Astra Debuts This Week in Chicago

Discussion in 'Saturn Astra' started by jpmccormac, Feb 5, 2007.

  1. jpmccormac

    jpmccormac Guest

    I suppose this is old news to most here, but the arrival of the Astra
    may mean the first new car for me in 11 years.

    Hopefully, it will be as good as the European models. I understand the
    first to arrive will not be made in the US but shipped from Europe.
    Correct me if I' wrong.
    jpmccormac, Feb 5, 2007
  2. jpmccormac

    BläBlä Guest

    Its fairly attractive and a good replacement for the Ion. Saturn Astra?
    The name "Astra" is already taken by Opel. Glancing through the artical
    a "Opel CDTI diesel" was mentioned. Now that has my interest.
    BläBlä, Feb 6, 2007
  3. jpmccormac

    marx404 Guest

    That would be because the the Astra is both Opel and Saturn. Designed and
    built by Opel, the 1st gen will be rebadged, retuned and sent from Opel to
    the US. I think it's a great replacement for the tired ION. Wonder if
    they'll have a red line version?

    marx404, Feb 6, 2007
  4. jpmccormac

    BläBlä Guest

    I dont think I was understood... The Opel GT and Saturn Sky are nearly
    the same but definitely not in name. You cant call a Buick Lesabre a
    Bonneville just because they share the same platform. The car pictured
    in the article is a Opel (see badge)
    See the same badge here:
    No "that" is not the Sky.

    The article also mentions the 1.8-liter Ecotec:
    "1.8-liter Ecotec four-cylinder gas runner that generates 138 horsepower
    (SAE) in Europe, but will, according to head of GM Powertrain Europe
    Roger Johansson, produce more horses once it arrives on our shores"

    Of course it will produce more HP because we dont use that Family of
    Ecotecs here. We use the larger ones with timing chains. I think the
    person that wrote this artical is somewhat clueless.

    Heres another example:
    "GM Europe?s real bread-and-butter all-star and the number two selling
    compact range of cars in Western Europe ? continues the Opels-into-
    Saturns-into-Opels deal begun earlier this year with the Saturn Sky
    (Opel GT), the Vue (Opel Antara), and Aura (Opel Vectra)."

    Hmm and here I thought it began with the L-Series.

    I done a little research and I am coming up with the name "Evoke" which
    will likely be Saturns name for what is known as the "Delta" Platform.
    And will there be a Redline version? It is very likely.
    BläBlä, Feb 6, 2007
  5. jpmccormac

    marx404 Guest

    quote "Hmm and here I thought it began with the L-Series."

    yea, I wonder why the critics don't remember that. Looking at the L-series
    (headlights for example, you can see some design similarities vaguely
    resembling the Aura. The Opels into Saturns and vice versa comment is
    correct though. Of course GM would change some features for the US market,
    that's expected. According to sources, GM is also integrating Cadillac parts
    into the Saturn fold. (Outlook has a variation of the CTS engine, and

    How 'bout that crazy dash? almost like the CTS? Can't wait for this one. I
    do hope that there will be a regular sedan though for those who don't want a
    hatch. (as Chevy did w/ the Aveo).
    marx404, Feb 6, 2007
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