Saturn AC Blows Fuse

Discussion in 'General Motoring' started by david p via, Jun 20, 2005.

  1. Hello, I looking for some answers to something that probably has the
    impossible answer of "Take it to the Dealer". I have a 2001 satun l200.
    Worked great until last week. The AC compressor doesnt kick on. I checked the
    fuse and it was blown. I replaced it and started it and it blew again. So I
    read a few postings and saw that it could be the compressor coil, so I
    disconnected the coil and it still bew the fuse. I removed the AC Diode
    replaced it with a small 2 amp fuse and it blew that fuse but not the ac fuse
    and the compresor still dindnt turn on, so I replaced the relay and nothing
    still blows. Its getting hot here and I need AC, any Ideas???

    david p via, Jun 20, 2005
  2. david p via

    Oppie Guest

    The Diode is never supposed to be replaced with a fuse. The diode is in
    parallel with the AC clutch coil to protect the electronics.
    Check if there is a relay that powers the AC clutch. Could also be a pinched
    wiring harness that is shorting out. These things are difficult to trace out
    without a good wiring diagram.
    Oppie, Jun 20, 2005
  3. Thanks for the info, I have torn the car apart looking for some sort of
    pinched or corroded wire and nothing, Nothing has been replaced so I dont see
    why there would be a pinched wire. It just stopped working one day. I will
    look for the AC Clutch relay and hope that works. This is very frustrating
    but I really do appreciate your help. Thanks
    david p via, Jun 21, 2005
  4. david p via

    Oppie Guest

    I do have the shop manual set for the 2000-2001 L series. The index is
    practically non-existent which makes finding specific info difficult. If you
    are really in a bind, I could scan a few pages for you. No promises though,
    been really busy lately.
    If you need it, you may email me at robert_oppenheimer at hotmail dot com
    Oppie, Jun 21, 2005
  5. Wow Robert that is very kind of you, but after another wasted evening of
    looking at bundles of wires and reading very small print I have decided to
    let the experts give it a try. The dealer has won and insted of giving me a
    few ideas of were to find the problem, I will have to take it to a
    professional. But I will get the last laugh, they already got my 21k for the
    car I am not going to give them any more of my money I will instead take it
    to a local A/C shop and keep my money with in my comunity and not to a huge
    nation wide car dealer that can live without my 200 dollars for the repair.
    Thanks again for all your help, I really appreciate it. David
    david p via, Jun 21, 2005
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