S series fuel pump wiring

Discussion in 'Saturn S-series' started by Private, Mar 7, 2006.

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    I was unable to start one of my S series cars after a period of non use. It
    acted like it was out of fuel and I suspected someone had siphoned the tank.
    I added fuel but still no start. After lengthy trouble shooting I
    discovered that the fuel pump wiring behind the left rear wheel was broken.
    I suspect it had been chewed by my dog when he thought there was a squirrel
    hiding under the car. Fairly simple repair but still a PITA.

    I was recently driving a second S series car down the highway when it
    suddenly lost all power. I had just fueled up and at first suspected bad
    gas but after checking under the hood and giving it some thought, I turned
    on the key and listened but was unable to hear the sound of the fuel pump.
    I slid under the left rear and looked at the wiring and discovered a broken
    wire at the same location where my other car had been chewed. There was no
    indication of teeth marks but since my dog was handy in the car I gave him a
    smack on principal. I doubt it meant anything to him but it made me feel
    better. I then stripped the wire and twisted the ends together as I had no
    wiring material or tape with me, but the car started and ran just fine and
    got me to my destination and back with only a short delay.

    If I had not had the previous failure I doubt that I would have discovered
    the wire failure and it probably would have resulted in a tow charge and a
    lengthy delay. I certainly would have missed a great day of powder skiing.
    Private, Mar 7, 2006
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