Reverse lights not working

Discussion in 'General Motoring' started by tom_sawyer70, Jan 7, 2008.

  1. tom_sawyer70

    tom_sawyer70 Guest

    I have a 1999 Saturn SL2 (manual transmission) and neither of my
    reverse lights are working. I've changed the bulbs, but that did not
    solve the problem. I've read a couple of old posts that describe a
    switch that is located on the transmission case, but the associated
    links to photos that had been posted long ago no longer work.

    Would anyone happen to have such photos that they could post so that I
    can see what I may be looking for and/or provide some insight into
    replacing the switch by myself?

    tom_sawyer70, Jan 7, 2008
  2. tom_sawyer70

    BläBlä Guest perhaps?
    BläBlä, Jan 7, 2008
  3. tom_sawyer70

    teem Guest

    fuse ?
    teem, Jan 8, 2008
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