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Discussion in 'Saturn ION' started by marx404, Apr 16, 2004.

  1. marx404

    marx404 Guest

    Hey Jonnie (and everyone else here)
    last we talked was about the article in May Sport Compact Car Mag about the
    ION Redline Road Test. Had a chance to read the article yet?

    Tonight I re-read it and gained some insight. SCC is a hardcore lot, if it
    aint F&F material, they dis on it. Althought they made comparisons to an
    unnamed obviously base model ION 1, they also gave very good remarks about
    the Redline.

    One thing that struck me that the SCC writers don't get IMHO, is that the
    Redline is still a Saturn, it's not a Honduh. It is based on the QC, which
    means a sports car with lower insurance rates b/c it has 4 doors, which is a
    very good thing, as well as inheriting sports car features including a
    supercharger and yet still be a very safe car.

    Also, the rev limiter bugged them because they couldn't push the motor to
    almost throwing a rod point. Too bad, but maybe they missed the point of the
    rev limiter which makes the Redline ION bombproof, or better yet, F&F
    wannabe proof and still a fun to drive and reliable car too.
    marx404, Apr 16, 2004
  2. Well I finally got to the store and picked up their last copy of SCC mag.
    Scott Oldham certainly didn't pull any punches and citing the Recaro fronts
    as two great things about the car only hints about how the rest of the
    article plays out. Specifically citing the basic ION as one of the most
    disappointing cars they'd ever driven, and later on referring to Saturn's
    task of transforming "that hemorrhoid of a car" into a more competitive
    vehicle with the likes of a Sentra SE-R, RSX Type-S, etc. is probably more
    true than not. Of course for maybe 80% of the folks want a grocery getter
    with a little more go, Oldham's words are too strong. I agree about SCC
    being hardcore - and that's a good reference point to gauge the writing

    On a plus note, the fact they'd rather drive the Redline over a Honda Civic
    Si and the comment about "driving the snot out of this car, and it didn't
    seem to mind." is nice to hear.

    Saturn's image is very confusing to me today. And I don't know what I want
    in a car anymore either. Driving in the city with lots of traffic and lots
    of goofy drivers is putting the kibosh on my enthusiasm.
    Jonnie Santos, Apr 19, 2004
  3. marx404

    marx404 Guest

    quote "Saturn's image is very confusing to me today. And I don't know what
    I want
    in a car anymore either. Driving in the city with lots of traffic and lots
    of goofy drivers is putting the kibosh on my enthusiasm."

    Ya, I hear you. But exactly that is what got me to like the Saturn in the
    first place.
    No more door dings from idiots, Good gas mileage and a reliable a/c when
    stuck in traffic. A high safety rating. Power to keep up or ahead of
    traffic, and lots of amenities in a cheap car. Decent road handling. Add in
    a supercharger, even better handling and ground effects and what's not to be
    enthused about? :) so when you get out of traffic jams and on open road,
    all is forgiven.

    In the 18-25 yr old SCC Mag world, it is nice to see Saturn finally make the
    grade. I'm curious why they went with a ecotec 2.0 instead of the standard
    2.2, but who knows what will happen with the second year of the Redline? Im
    hoping for the better and more improvements. If I can get a car with all
    that for under $20K, I'm enthused!!!

    I would even settle for putting an Eaton roots supercharger in my 1.9. SL2
    if I could afford it.
    marx404, Apr 19, 2004
  4. marx404

    Matt Hayden Guest

    Please excuse the dumb question -- what are F&F wannabes?

    Matt Hayden, May 11, 2004
  5. Never a dumb question - I'm thinking F&F wannabe's is referring to the
    movie(s) The Fast and the Furious.
    Jonnie Santos, May 12, 2004
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