Recommended Tune ups for 03 ION?

Discussion in 'Saturn ION' started by ericcbennett, Jan 16, 2009.

  1. ericcbennett

    ericcbennett Guest

    Hello all.. I have a '03 Saturn ION that has about 50,000 miles on
    it.. what would you consider the essential things to tune up? Spark
    plugs, transmission flush etc? I would like to keep it in real good
    running shape, without breaking the bank!
    ericcbennett, Jan 16, 2009
  2. ericcbennett

    marx404 Guest

    The 2.2L engine will not need a tune up for at least 100,000 miles. The
    radiator and tranny fluids are good for 150,000 miles and you have no power
    steering fluid, its electro-mechanical. The chassis needs no scheduled

    So, maybe the occasional wiper blades, windshield wiping fluid and an
    occasional check up at your local shop once in awhile if you do have any
    problems. If this is a automatic transmission, do check on the tranny once
    in awhile if it is the VTi tranny.

    Basically, gas it up and drive!
    marx404, Jan 18, 2009
  3. ericcbennett

    Bob Shuman Guest

    Don't forget to check tire pressure frequently, perform regular engine oil
    changes, and check the brakes occasionally too!

    Bob Shuman, Jan 19, 2009
  4. ericcbennett

    marx404 Guest

    Oh, very important!!!! on these older Ecotec engines I strongly recommend
    changing your oil every 3,000 miles. I believe the brochure says longer or
    wait for the Oil Life Monitor to come on, but the early Ecotec engines like
    to have clean oil to keep the timing chain lubricated. You can go with Mobil
    1 Synth, but don't go any longer than 5,000 if you do. I know it sounds
    excessive, but it will help keep the engine lasting longer. Your last 2
    chapters of your Owners Manual will show you any additional maintenance if
    you want.
    marx404, Jan 19, 2009
  5. ericcbennett

    ericcbennett Guest

    Okay, thanks for your responses! I have made it a habit to change oil
    every 3000 miles or 3 months with all my vehicles, so that is fine
    with me! That's cool to know this is a real low maintenance vehicle!

    As for checking the tranny from time to time, if it is the VTi tranny,
    will I have to flush sooner than 150000 miles.. or just make sure it
    is kept full? Thanks again!
    ericcbennett, Jan 19, 2009
  6. ericcbennett

    marx404 Guest

    no, the fluid is good for 150K, no worries about that. Just have it checked
    every oil change when you bring it in, IF you have the VTi (belt driven)
    transmission. Other than that, no worries!
    marx404, Jan 21, 2009
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