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Discussion in 'General Motoring' started by Oppie, Mar 21, 2010.

  1. Oppie

    Oppie Guest

    Passed by Saturn of White Plains (NY) today. The familiar Saturn logo was
    replaced by a temporary 'Buick GMC' sign.

    Last year, on the other side of town, Sholz Buick, a long time presence
    here, went belly-up.

    On another note, in a nearby town, Harrison NY...
    The Prius that crashed into a stone wall as it came out the driveway was
    supposedly another case of unintended acceleration. Toyota engineer examined
    the 'black box' data recorder and pronounced that the throttle was wide open
    and brake never pressed. This would imply a driver error.
    Speaking as a design engineer, I have some serious concerns about the
    honesty of black box data when the company who made the vehicle is the only
    one that can read it out. I think it much better for the public to have a
    third party black box recorder which can be read out (but not erased) by
    standard diagnostic tools.
    As vehicles incorporate more and more embedded computer devices, better
    software validation is needed. I see it quite often in my own work where
    software that works just fine in some conditions will be totally
    unacceptable with other conditions. Part of the problem is that software
    rarely runs in a linear fashion. Interrupts of differing priorities cause
    the programs to take different paths. In a real world, this sometimes causes
    unintended results. In the case of the 'alleged driver error' who is to say
    that the black box data actually recorded everything as it actually

    Oppie (Robert Oppenheimer)
    Oppie, Mar 21, 2010
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  2. Oppie

    Bert Hyman Guest

    Saturn of St. Paul turned into a VW dealership, which is handy because
    my wife drives an SL2 and I drive a Passat.
    Bert Hyman, Mar 21, 2010
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  3. In Indy, they closed the flagship Saturn of Indianapolis, but Saturn of
    Fishers and Saturn of Greenwood continue with the names unchanged.

    They're clearly used car dealerships now, no new cars of any sort, but
    retaining the Saturn name....

    Megan Zurawicz, Mar 21, 2010
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