Question For Queens NYC Saturn Owners

Discussion in 'General Motoring' started by Hal97, Mar 26, 2006.

  1. Hal97

    Hal97 Guest

    Apparently Saturn of Long Island City has gone out of business, closing
    their showroom and service center. Where have the records for the
    repairs on our cars gone? As for finding a service center in case I
    need parts, I did a search on Saturn's website and the closest
    dealerships are in Harlem or Bay Ridge Brooklyn. I thought there was a
    Saturn Dealership in Jamaica on Sutphin Blvd I think.
    When you call the Saturn LIC service number, it just says that the
    number is disconnected.
    You would think that Saturn would leave some forwarding address where
    it's customers can find the closest service dept.
    I'm shocked that they closed and shocked that they just left their
    customers like this.
    Hal97, Mar 26, 2006
  2. Hal97

    shoppa Guest

    All the maintenance done at any Saturn dealership goes into some
    central computer repository and any other dealer can call it up
    instantly from their terminal. This was pretty nifty stuff 16 or 17
    years ago...

    shoppa, Mar 27, 2006
  3. Hal97

    Chuck Guest

    Another one goes the way of Saturn of Smithtown and Saturn of Sunrise
    Doesn't give me a 'warm fuzzy' feeling!
    Chuck, Mar 27, 2006
  4. Hal97

    Hal97 Guest

    I think it's more than just one. The company that owned that dealership
    in LIC also owned some in the Bronx and elseweher in Queens. I'll bet
    those are gone too.

    what's up with Saturn? Are they going the way of the Oldsmobile? GM is
    really doing badly and I'll bet Saturn is suffering form the effects of

    I think GM missed the boat on building Hybrids. I think those are the
    way of the future. Toyota seems to be doing well with them.

    I like my 97SC2 a lot but I would have to think twice about buying
    another Saturn if the dealerships are closing down. Also, I would like
    my next car to be a hybrid. 60mpg is hard to turn down.
    Hal97, Mar 28, 2006
  5. Hal97

    blah blah Guest

    GM's is going about some assnine way of shaking up the unions. A 130+
    billion dollar company doesnt simply vanish. What they need is
    employee's to start paying a copay when they see a doctor etc. You wont
    believe how badly GM's benefits get ripped off everytime a GM employee
    sets foot in a hospital.
    The way of the future to screw you over. 2 totally different systems
    crammed into already cramped vehicles. Oh yeah sure I'll work on them,
    the question is are you ready to pay out the ass for them?
    The EPA ratings don't exceed 55mph. Hybrid motors do not operate above
    55mph. Once you get on the highway and do real highway speeds in a
    vehicle thats now 1000 pounds heavier you can kiss those epa numbers
    good bye.

    Compair any hybrid to its gas only counterpart. On average you would
    have to drive 100,000 MILES before you even start saving the price
    difference with gas at $3 dollars a gallon. The whole point behind
    saving gas is to "save money". Not to save gas. Why no one see's this
    point is beyond me. I'll say again, the point behind good gas mileage is
    to save money, brand new hybrids sure as hell wont save you a dime. If
    you want to save money and get good gas mileage as well, buy a Feiro.
    I've seen super looking Feiro's for under a grand. Think of the money
    that could be saved!!! You can drive a million miles on those savings!
    . . .
    Ethanol, Hydrogen, and displacement on demand, those are the future...
    blah blah, Mar 28, 2006
  6. Hal97

    IYM Guest

    Saturn of Smithtown moved and is now Saturn of Medford. They closed the
    Smithtown store as there was no room for inventory, as well as the road it
    was on was horrible. They lost more than a couple of new cars bought by
    people not familiar with the car trying to get out on that road for the
    first time with it. In Medford they have a huge lot, a brand new building
    and their own traffic light. I also believe Saturn of Sunrise moved to
    become Saturn of Massapequa, but I could be wrong.

    Anyway, like I said the just built Saturn of Medford last year, and I was
    there getting a service 3 weeks ago and asked why they had two used Mercedes
    in the showroom as well as the Saturns. The sales guy showed me the lot and
    said they ran out of inventory and were expecting a new delivery that day,
    so they needed to throw something in the showroom and they had a couple 2
    year old coupes that were just traded in as well as a Hummer (my guess is
    the owners overextended themselves or something). I had been there only a
    week before and the lot was full, so the product is moving out from there I

    IYM, Mar 28, 2006
  7. Hal97

    Chuck Guest

    I was just looking at the April Consumer Reports - not one domestic car
    in their Top 10 picks! First time that has happened. The "Big 3"
    better smarten up real quick. I know people who said PanAm couldn't go
    under. There was also a "dollars & sense" analysis of hybrids in this
    issue. You will NOT be buying a hybrid after reading this article. And
    don't be holding your breath for those fuel cell vehicles. Re: Saturn
    - we still have three S-series in the family - I don't think they are
    building them that well anymore. If you look at the Consumer's
    reliability ratings, Saturns have many more black spots than the
    Japmobiles. If they do away with the polymer body panels I won't have
    any reason to buy another Saturn. And trying to bring Saturn back into
    the "fold" was a VERY bad idea. (Note: Saturn of Sunrise did NOT move
    to Massapequa.)
    Chuck, Mar 28, 2006
  8. To counterbalance that, 2 of CR's 10 top picks were hybrids - the Toyota
    Prius and Highlander Hybrid. And, in the printed magazine issue, they
    got the math wrong in that analysis by figuring depreciation in twice or
    something. On the website you'll see they've corrected it.

    Yes - I think some older ones still come out as reasonable used cars,
    like our '98 SW2, but current Saturns seemed to do pretty unimpressively
    against the competition from CR's point of view. No doubt there'll be
    plenty of people disagreeing, though.

    -- Mark
    Mark T.B. Carroll, Mar 29, 2006
  9. Hal97

    satyr Guest

    And a ship the size of the Titanic could never sink.

    GM has a market cap of about $13B, about the same as Campbell Soup. GM
    is a $22 dollar stock that lost $15/share last year. They have huge
    debt and are now paying big time interest due to their junk bond
    credit rating. If this is a master plan to save money by eliminating
    debt through bankruptcy, they are right on course.
    If I was in charge of GM I would put all of my diminishing political
    sway behind universal health care. Might not be enough to save you
    but at least you would be fondly remembered.
    satyr, Mar 29, 2006
  10. Hal97

    Chuck Guest

    Even with the correction, most of the hybrids still leave you in the
    "red" after 5 years.
    And the ones that don't are virtually a "break-even" investment.
    U.S. News has drawn the same conclusion . . .
    I don't like buying a conventional vehicle at the beginning of a new
    model year because of the wrinkles that aren't ironed out yet. I think
    it will be at least 10 years before I have enough confidence in hybrids
    to take the plunge. And they better be better than a "break-even"
    scenario by then.
    Chuck, Mar 29, 2006
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