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Discussion in 'General Motoring' started by Osgood Z'beard, Mar 7, 2006.

  1. Hi:

    I just replaced the front pads and rotars on my Saturn '98 SL, with a
    great deal of assistance from folks on this list. I just had a question
    about the bolts. On each side there were two pairs, one 14mm and one
    18mm. The 18mm bolts seemed to have some old locktite on the threads,
    but pursuant to some recommendations from this list I replaced the
    locktite (after cleaning with brake cleaner) with some nevr sieze
    material, and torqued them to 80 ft/lbs. The 14mm bolts were torqued to
    40 ft/lbs, but I didn't do anything to the threads. I didn't clean
    them, but tried to keep off any dust or grit, and just put them back in
    the way they were. We couldn't find any torque specs, so just figured
    that was a good first approximation. We're sure we haven't over-torqued
    anything, but have we undertorqued? Anyone know the specs for the front
    disk bolt assembly? Is nevr sieze OK instead of Locktite? (I know they
    have different functions, but figured the nevr sieze would allow more
    efficient tightening making the locktite unnecessary.

    Osgood Z'beard, Mar 7, 2006
  2. Osgood Z'beard

    blah blah Guest

    No mention of thread locker is used in brake pad replacement.

    ABS Control Assembly Brackets Bolts
    12 lb ft

    ABS Control Assembly-to-Midrail Bracket Bolt
    9 lb ft

    Battery Retainer Nut Screw
    80 lb in

    Bleeder Screws - Front
    8 lb ft

    Bleeder Screws - Rear
    66 lb in

    Booster-to-Body Nuts
    20 lb ft

    Brake Caliper Lock Pin
    27 lb ft

    Brake Caliper-to-Steering Knuckle
    81 lb ft

    Brake Hose-to-Brake Caliper
    36 lb ft

    Brake Hose-to-Brake Pipe
    11 lb ft

    Brake Hose-to-Wheel Cylinder
    36 lb ft

    Brake Pedal Pivot Bolt
    16 lb ft

    Brake Pipe-to-ABS Assembly
    24 lb ft

    Control Module-to-Valve Assembly Screws
    35-53 lb in

    Front Brake Bleeder Valve
    8 lb ft

    Front Console Screw
    22 lb in

    Lock/Guide Pin-to-Brake Caliper
    27 lb ft

    Master Cylinder-to-Brake Booster Nut
    20 lb ft

    Negative Battery Cable
    13 lb ft

    Park Brake Lever Assembly-to-Floor
    18 lb ft

    Park Brake Lever Assembly-to-Floor
    35 lb in

    PCM Attachment Bolts
    53 lb in

    Positive Battery Cable
    13 lb ft

    Rear Brake Bleeder Valve
    66 lb in

    Rear Console Screw
    22 lb in

    Rear Wheel Hub Assembly
    63 lb ft

    Stop Lamp Switch Mounting Nut
    89 lb in

    Trailing Arm/Park Brake Cable-to-Body
    89 lb ft

    Wheel Cylinder-to-Backing Plate
    89 lb in

    Wheel Nut
    103 lb ft

    Wheel Speed Sensor
    89 lb in
    blah blah, Mar 8, 2006
  3. Actually, take them back out and put LOCTITE back on them. There is a TSB
    out about bolts wiggling themselves out and calipers possibly falling off
    the knuckle. And that was at their torque setting.... It was VERY RARE,
    but did happen. The loctite holds the bolts in tightly a lot better. I
    HIGHLY recommend putting it back on there, the neverseize may actually
    cause bad news quicker..... Hope I could help you.
    TheLastDonSC2, Mar 8, 2006
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