Please help!!!! My 2002 Saturn SL 1 is stalling

Discussion in 'General Motoring' started by tamara.hutcherson, Jul 19, 2006.

  1. I am having problems with my Saturn and was even considering trading it
    in. The car has about 38,000 miles on it. I had the 35,000 mile tune
    up, oil changes every 3000 miles, spark plugs changed, ignition coils &
    modules change etc... This car keeps giving me a hard time when I start
    it up. Sometimes it takes up to 3 tries for the engine to start.
    Sometimes when my car is in drive and I am at a red light or stop sign
    it cuts off so every time that I stop at a red like I immediately put
    it in park. It doesn't cut of then. Do you have an idea of what could
    be wrong? I took the car to the dealer and they couldn't find anything
    wrong. However, there is something definitely wrong. I want to take a
    road trip this summer ,but cannot go because I don't have reliable
    transportation. Help!!!
    tamara.hutcherson, Jul 19, 2006
  2. tamara.hutcherson

    marx404 Guest

    If the fuel injection system and throttle body have been cleaned, then there
    is a chance that the fuel filter is clogged. Our '94 Sl1 had a bad fuel
    filter, it was located in the gas tank, ergo, the tank had to be dropped,
    gas spilled out and filter changed, car runs perfect. I have seen many older
    Saturns that havent been driven enough and sat thus causing the fuel to get
    gunky and clog up the fuel filter. Our symptoms were the same as yours. You
    can also try getting some Chevron Techron additive and put that in whenever
    you fill up, if that makes a change, you problably have a bad fuel filter.

    marx404, Jul 20, 2006
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