Opinions please 2008 Vue with 4 cylinder engine

Discussion in 'Saturn VUE' started by Hang_Traitor_Democrats, Apr 27, 2008.

  1. My daughter is looking at the 2008 Vue with 4 cylinder engine. She wants
    the 4 because of the price and fuel economy being better than the 6. We
    have driven it and know it is not peppy like a 6, but willing to
    tolerate it because of the extra gas mileage.

    What are your opinions of the vehicle as an owner?

    Daughter is a bit concerned about the four banger as she us afraid the
    engine and transmission will wear out too quickly.

    So owner opinions are appreciated.

    Also, I noticed that some people on this group claim they negotiated the
    price on the Saturn vehicles. I thought Saturn did not do this so what
    is the secret?
    Hang_Traitor_Democrats, Apr 27, 2008
  2. Hang_Traitor_Democrats

    marx404 Guest

    The newer 2.4L 4 cyl ecotec engine is one of the most popular and durable
    engines out there. Yes, the 6 would be much quicker than the 4 we are
    talking 169hp vs 257hp, big difference. Despite the smaller engine, it is
    durable and requires little maintenance. I have an ION with the smaller
    ecotec 2.2L engine, have had it for a yr and it has held up well so far.
    Most that I talk to have been very happy with the 4cyl engine.

    Depending on how your daughter will treat her car, no engine, not a 4, 6 or
    8 will be durable enough if you treat it like a disposable appliance. Treat
    your car good and it will treat you good, 4 or 6. That said, if she intends
    to beat on the car and is concerned about gas mileage , you are defeating
    your purpose, but as long as she properly maintains the car it will hold up
    well, even if she races it.

    Most Saturn stores still stick to the "No Hassle No Haggle" prices and
    policy they are famous for, don't expect to wheel and deal like you can at
    Chevy or KIA. Don't be disappointed if they tell you so. Do expect that if
    the dealership is run like a traditional Saturn store that you will leave
    happily with a good deal.
    marx404, Apr 28, 2008
  3. Hang_Traitor_Democrats

    Guest Guest

    I can't speak for the '08, as this is a new design Vue (Opel), but I have an
    '06 with the 4 cyl.

    Yes, getting it up to speed takes a little bit when comparing, but once
    you're cruising above 45, it sprints up to higher speed rather decently. I
    will also let you know the tranny makes a big difference. I don't know if
    the '08 is still available with the 5 speed stick, but if so and your
    daughter likes/can drive stick, go that route. The stick easily gets much
    better mileage than the auto both around town and on the highway, in part
    because you have control on the shift patterns in getting it up to speed as
    well as some other reasons. I also believe cruising RPM is lower with a
    stick because of the ratio. Others will be able to fill you in better if
    you're looking for specifics. The other main thing between the two is
    durability. The 4 cyl, as was mentioned, is very durable and has a timing
    chain as opposed to the 6 cyl Honda with a belt. The manual tranny is a (I
    believe) Italian solid, bullet-proof tranny. I get 24 city and got 29-30 on
    the highway on a recent trip. My father got a 6cyl auto 1 week after I
    bought mine. I have 60K on mine and have only had to change the front
    bearings and am still on my factory tires and brakes. My father is heavy on
    the brakes and does not rotate his tires regularly and just got a huge bill
    at his 35K check up (needed new front tires, brakes, etc)

    I would stick to the stick and 4cyl as my opinion (if available)

    Guest, Apr 28, 2008
  4. I don't own one, but I've had a similar experience with a 4 versus 6
    cylinder engine in the same base vehicle. As long as she is not going
    to be doing any mountain driving, with a full load of passengers and
    cargo, she'll be okay with the 4 cylinder. It's not as safe due to the
    limited power during accelleration, but it sounds like she's alread
    aware of the trade-offs already.
    It's a reliable engine so this should not be an issue. I don't know
    about the transmission.
    No secret. Most Saturn dealers do negotiate, they just don't want to
    talk about it because it makes most customers not even try. You make
    it easier for them if you have a trade-in that they can jack up the
    value of, versus directly cutting the price. However the "one-price"
    policy has a lot of wiggle room, since the dealer is permitted to set
    the price based on changing market conditions. You want to haggle in
    the right way. Tell them that xyz has a similar vehicle, similarly
    equipped, for a street price that's however much less than the Vue.

    There's a $1500 rebate right now on the Vue so the base price is
    $20,011 (for the 2.4L 169 HP engine), which is close to the street
    price of the Honda CR-V (around $20,000) with a 2.4L 166 HP engine.
    This is what Saturn usually does, they offer rebates to get their
    prices in-line with the competition. However the problem with this is
    that the add-ons are at full MSRP, which makes the Saturn cost a lot
    more once you go above the base model, unless you negotiate.

    Also, watch out for unscrupulous Saturn dealers that attempt to charge
    _over_ MSRP, by adding on bogus fees. One dealer that my sister-in-law
    went to in South Carolina was trying to charge a $199 "closing fee,"
    plus they wouldn't negotiate on price, insisting on pricing her trade-
    in at what it was actually worth (the nerve!). The dealer in the next
    town had only a $35 "closing fee" and did negotiate on price by
    inflating the value of her decrepit trade in far over even the retail
    KBB value, let alone the wholesale value.
    RepublicansDestroyAmerica, Apr 28, 2008
  5. Hang_Traitor_Democrats

    PerfectReign Guest

    I have the 2005 V6 with the Honda engine.

    I don't know about the Vue, but I just recently rented a dodge caliber

    I can tell you, it is bizarre driving a 4-cylinder. Of course, my DD is a
    Chevy Avalanche with the 5.3L V8, so going to an I4 is a serious change.
    But I drove the V6 Saturn today and felt much more in control having the
    extra two cylinders.

    Just my $02.
    PerfectReign, Apr 28, 2008
  6. Hang_Traitor_Democrats

    SMS Guest

    I mistakenly bought a first-year Honda CR-V. The 4 cylinder engine was
    anemic, and once driving to Yosemite I took a short cut that I usually
    take, and I thought I'd have to back down this steep mountain road (Old
    Priest Grade). Yet in future revisions they improved the 4 cylinder to
    the point where it was at least adequate. Still, it soured me on Honda.
    On Sunday I had to drive a relatives '98 Honda Accord and I was amazed
    at how poor it handled compared to a Camry of similar vintage. It's just
    hard to generalize about 4 cylinder engines. The newer Accord and Camry
    have very good 4 cylinder engines, that have increased HP to more than
    keep up with their increasing weight.
    SMS, Apr 28, 2008
  7. Hang_Traitor_Democrats

    marx404 Guest

    The 4 cyl is much more powerful in the '08 than the '07 by 26hp (143 vs
    169hp).There is no more stick option in the VUE but the automatic tranny can
    be manually gear changed for towing etc...Honduh and Toyota 4 cylindrs tend
    to be anemic especially in the lower cost models. I have personally gotten
    stuck going uphill in a corolla and had to get out and push, never had that
    trouble in my old 1.9L SL2. The new VUE 4 cylinder is a 2.4L a deriviatve of
    the SKY engine. I suggest driving both 4 and 6 cyl, then decide which meets
    your needs best, which is nothing anybody else can tell you.
    marx404, Apr 29, 2008
  8. Hang_Traitor_Democrats

    =3FCronus=3F Guest

    The 2.4 gets less mileage than the previous 2.2 and the 2.4 requires
    higher octane fuel.
    I test drove the previous Vue, 2.2L - 4 speed auto. I thought it was a
    great SUV. The only kind of SUV I would own. (just never with a CVT)
    The new Vue's weigh 3825lbs, the old ones were a good deal lighter
    IIRC. The powertrains were always solid so the added weight should have
    no impact. If it "wears out" it will be from someone not changing the
    My opinion on the new Vue's is to stay away if you do not like imported
    automobiles. Neither the Powertrain or Chassis is made in the States.
    (Even though they cost more than the previous vue!) My advice is to save
    yourself some money by buying a used 2.2L vue.
    Also look at the Pontiac Vibes. The Vibe is the same thing as a Toyota
    Matrix only it looks a hell of a lot better. It is at the very least
    assembled in America, it has a 'timing chain', and it gets even better
    gas mileage.

    -poster formally known as BlaBla

    is also SMS/Steven Scharf so expect
    some stuff to be made up or distorted. (If it wasn't already obvious...)
    =3FCronus=3F, Apr 29, 2008
  9. Hang_Traitor_Democrats

    PerfectReign Guest

    Timing chain would be a good thing. I wish my wife's Vue had one.
    Why the nymshift? I liked blabla better.
    PerfectReign, Apr 29, 2008
  10. Hang_Traitor_Democrats

    -Cronus- Guest

    Thanks but I felt it was time to retire it. It was originally blahblah
    which was just me quickly filling in the required information so I could
    post some quick replies. It seems ?Cronus? came out wrong. the =3f was
    supposed to be a 'special character'. Cronus is associated with the
    planet Saturn by the Romans so unlike before this name has some thought
    put into it.
    -Cronus-, Apr 29, 2008
  11. Hang_Traitor_Democrats

    marx404 Guest

    The 2.4L in the VUE does not require premium fuel as the SKY does, regular
    fuel will do.
    marx404, Apr 30, 2008
  12. Hang_Traitor_Democrats

    marx404 Guest

    Sorry AFAIK, the 2.4L IS made in the US, the VUE is assembled in Aripez
    Mexico (I'm none too happy 'bout that, but look at the great improvement in
    quality now). NONE of the new VUE models have a timing belt, all have chains
    and are VVT. The 2.4L is a derivative of the SKY engine but only requires
    regular gas, not premium and the 6cyl is a derivative of the Cadillac CTS.
    Both of these engines come from the US. The transmission on both of these
    vehicles is a derivative of the GM Hydra-matic. Saturn stopped using the
    Honduh (belt driven) engine in '07 models as well as the 2.2L was retired.
    CVT engines were a flop and retired with the '04 model year, replaced by
    aisin (borg-warner) and hydra-matics. According to www.gmpowertrain.com
    Ecotecs (well at least '08 and under models) were mfg in Spring Hill, the
    Hydra-matics are made in Windsor, Ontario.

    The only thing I do agree with is about the new 2009 Vibe GT (ala Matrix).
    The '09 models look less like a mutant milk truck and have a very sporty
    appeal to them. I like the new look Pontiac is going for. A definite
    contender against the VUE. However, lets compare HP ratings according to

    2008 VUE
    169-hp 2.4-liter I-4
    222-hp 3.5-liter V-6
    257-hp 3.6-liter V-6

    2009 Vibe
    132-hp 1.8-liter I-4
    158-hp 2.4-liter I-4

    Obviously, with the smaller engine, the Vibe would yield a few more (32mpg)
    over the VUE (26mpg). As well I believe that the VUE is a much heavier
    vehicle too.

    More useful information can be researched here:

    marx404, Apr 30, 2008
  13. Hang_Traitor_Democrats

    -Cronus- Guest

    You seem to be correct on this 2.4 engine (Spring Hill, Tenn.).
    Seems like I seen these ecotecs were being made in Germany.
    For their price I'd rather they were made in Spring Hill.
    And what is the Sky engine a derivative of...
    There are two V6's offered in the Vue.
    A 3.5 which is based on the 2.8/3.1 GM engines but with VVT and a dry
    Not sure where they're making these. Michigan perhaps.
    (AKA GM's High-Value engine)

    A 3.6 which is GM's global engine.
    Produced in Ontario Canada and Port Melbourne Australia.
    (AKA GM's High-Feature engine)
    **Used in some Cadillacs, NOT CADILLACS ENGINE**
    The 6T70 is produced in Warren Michigan
    The 4T45 is produced in Ontario Canada
    CVT engines? Uh what are those? :)
    Never noticed the 2.4 before. New Toyota motor... Gas mileage isnt that
    great but thats not the one I would suggest the OP to look at.
    With gas nearing 4 dollars a gallon this is the one to look at
    1.8L 132HP 26/32 mpg
    The vibe weighs about 3000lbs depending on auto/manual trans. The 1.8L
    will have no issue pulling it. This is more on par with Astra Coupe
    which weighs about 100lbs less. The reasons why I didnt suggest the
    Astra is that it is imported, has 2 doors, and has a timing belt...

    ((I'm not even sure the OP is still watching this thread.))
    -Cronus-, Apr 30, 2008
  14. Hang_Traitor_Democrats

    PerfectReign Guest

    My Avalanche is built in Sinaloa Mexico.

    Still says Chevy on the side.

    (It *is* odd, though. I swear the horn will occasionally play La Cucaracha.)
    PerfectReign, Apr 30, 2008
  15. Hang_Traitor_Democrats

    PerfectReign Guest


    I thought there was some significant meaning behind it. :p
    PerfectReign, Apr 30, 2008
  16. Thanks to all for the suggestions and opinions. Last night we went to
    two dealerships to try and buy the 2.4L Vue. The difference in the deal
    between the two dealers was - believe it or not - about $1,000. One
    dealer offered $800 more on the trade-in than the other dealer and gave
    us more options on the Vue versus the other dealer. So we went with the
    much lower priced dealer and bought the Vue. Got more for less. Taking
    delivery tonight.

    This is my daughter's third Saturn. She currently has a 2002 SL1. She
    had a 2000 SL1 and totaled it. We were amazed at how well she was
    protected in the 2000 during her single car crash, so we bought another
    one in 2002 to replace the 2000.

    The good thing is now that she is out of college and on her own, the
    loan is in her name and she will be paying for the Vue. She and I had a
    lot of fun over the past week looking at different vehicles and she
    learned a lot about the car buying process and how some dealers scam.
    She also learned the "fine art" of getting up and walking out when the
    dealer and the buyer cannot achieve a meeting of the minds.
    Hang_Traitor_Democrats, Apr 30, 2008
  17. Hang_Traitor_Democrats

    marx404 Guest

    Cronus? BlahBlah? Im sooo confused, lol.

    Of course, I am a veritable catalogue of useless knowledge, haha. Wikipedia
    shows that the Ecotec was originally developed by GM Europe division for use
    in the Opel models, which (ahem) are sisters of Saturn and have actually
    been since the inception of the Saturn L-series (Opel Vectra). Opel is made
    in GmBh, S. America and other parts of the world and as well AKA Vauxhall.
    The Ecotec was also designed and used in other brands such as Lotus when
    they were under the GM name.

    BTW - the SKY was originally designed in 2003 for the '04 Frankfurt Auto
    Show as a concept car for none other than Vauxhall, the following year the
    chassis design went to failing Pontiac to be trialed as the Solstice, was a
    smashing success and later went on as the full scale concept design under
    the Saturn SKY.


    marx404, Apr 30, 2008
  18. Hang_Traitor_Democrats

    SMS Guest

    Yes, that's usually how the dealers are able to haggle without direct
    I think that there should be a class in high school that teaches kids
    about car buying. I made a list once of stuff that the dealers try to
    pull, and it keeps growing. Feel free to add to it!

    Fake Fees that can easily be taken off the final price
    Dealer Prep
    Closing Fee
    Doc Fee
    Salesperson Retirement Fee (no joke!)
    Advertising Fee (dealers are already reimbursed by the manufacturer for
    co-op advertising)

    Worthless (or more than worthless Add-Ons)
    Rust Proofing
    Paint Guard/Paint Sealant
    Fabric Guard
    Glass Etching
    Pin Striping
    Gold Package
    After-Market Alarm
    Lo Jack
    Non-manufacturer extended warranties

    Worthless Service Department Stuff
    Bilstein Engine flush
    Yes, there is always another dealer to visit, and another vehicle to be
    SMS, Apr 30, 2008
  19. Hang_Traitor_Democrats

    -Cronus- Guest

    Sisters/rebadged... whatever.
    Lotus is and never was part of GM... Where are you getting this
    information? Lotus was no more under GM's name than Porche was under the
    Harley's name when the VRods engine was designed.
    Oh where do I start... No the KAPPA platform concepts were not designed
    in 2003... No the Sky concept didnt become the Pontiac. You don't seem
    to understand the term "Platform". There were MANY kappa bodied cars
    conceptualized at the same damn time. The difference is Pontiacs body
    didnt change from the 02 concept and isnt shared with Opel or Daewoo.

    Tell me, do you really think Pontiac got the 02 sky design?

    I'm not sure how you can give Saturn any credit for the current Sky. It
    seems to me someone came up with the idea to rebadge Opels 2006 GT to
    make the 2007 Saturn Sky and the 2008 Daewoo G2X to save money.
    -Cronus-, Apr 30, 2008
  20. I could not agree more with your comments. Besides car buying, they need
    to teach balancing a checkbook, reading a bank statement, credit cards,
    and other basic financial knowledge.

    Also, too many people try to buy a car by negotiating the monthly
    payments. They are the ones who get screwed.

    Edmunds.com has a very entertaining story on their website. I think it
    is called "Confessions of a Car Salesman" or something like that.
    Edmunds sends an employee out to get a job and work at a high pressure
    haggle dealership for a few months, then go and work at a no-haggle
    dealership (probably Saturn) for another period of time. OMG, it is not
    only funny to read, but there were new things that I even learned. I
    even told the daughter about it. Great reading.
    Hang_Traitor_Democrats, Apr 30, 2008
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