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Discussion in 'Saturn VUE' started by David O'Rourke, Aug 27, 2003.

  1. I remember looking at fuel economy numbers (Canadian) a while back for the
    Vue. I could be wrong, but with the AWD option the 4 and the 6 were so
    close for fuel consumption, that it didn't matter. So if you can aford it
    might as well.

    David O'Rourke, Aug 27, 2003
  2. David O'Rourke

    C. E. White Guest

    I like the looks of the Saturn Vue and have gotten a glowing review from
    a co-worker. However I am interested in hearing the opinions of others.

    I definitely want AWD. I don't care about ABS. I definitely want an
    automatic transmission. I don't care about super acceleration, but I
    would prefer that the vehicle be able to tow a 2000 lb sailboat.
    Although the boat is not so heavy, it is large and creates a lot of aero

    I see that the 4 cylinder is only rated to tow 1500 lbs. However, I like
    the idea of the better fuel economy and might be willing to live with
    the towing capacity if the 4 cylinder / CVT transmission works well.

    I am a large guy 6'3" and a lot of pounds. Will I be uncomfortable on
    long drives?

    I appreciate all comments.


    Ed White
    C. E. White, Aug 27, 2003
  3. Get ABS, in fact, I'm not sure it's even an option to get it without
    I'm not entirely sure that the CVT is available with AWD. I can tell
    you that the V6 is the same as the one in our L300, and there I have
    nothing but glowing reviews of that engine. Cheap to run & maintain,
    and plenty of power.
    It all depends on the seats, drive one and see! :) I see you in the
    Mustang newsgroup, RAMFM when I have my Mustang hat on. If you're
    comfortable in your '01, the Vue should be a no-brainer!
    Victor DiMichina, Aug 27, 2003
  4. David O'Rourke

    Seth Guest

    I originally got the 4 cyl with auto and AWD w/o ABS and after a week went
    back and traded it in for one with the ABS. It just made me feel safer. The
    difference in monthy payment was $10 / month.

    If you don't care about acceleration, this is car for you. I don't really
    care about it either. If I can get up fast enough to get on that highway
    without getting crushed, that's good enough for me. I much prefer the better
    gas mileage then being able to outjump someone in my SUV!!
    The CVT is pretty cool but it takes a little while not to feel the shift
    points, just smooth accelleration!! I checked online and there was a
    software upgrade that got put in 2003, that improves the accelleration a
    little and some issues that some previous version owners complained about.

    I love mine but I don't know if this is it for towing. As previously
    mentioned the accelleration isn't the best. I hate to see what adding 1500
    lbs of dead weight to the back would do. I you really want to tow, I would
    get the 6 cyl
    The day after I bought it, I took a trip upstate. I put 1500 miles on the
    car in 1 week and no compaints on my side or the wife's side. Very
    Seth, Aug 27, 2003
  5. If you're going to do any towing get the V6. The 4 cylinder does come in
    AWD with CVT though. I actually test drove a Vue a few weeks ago and was
    pretty impressed. It's also one of the few "min-SUV's" that I actually
    like. The 4 cylinder wasn't bad though I definitely noticed the difference
    after having just driven an Ion quadcoupe manual tranny right before lol.
    The CVT was strange but seemed to work ok. If you weren't going to tow I'd
    say just stick with the 4 but I think towing anything with that would not be
    a good idea. Seems like it lacks the raw power needed to properly tow
    something. Plus if you're boat is 2000lbs and the vue's capacity in the 4
    is 1500lbs you really don't want to do that. Might even void the warranty
    because you used the vehicle to do something it's not designed to do.

    Charles Paluda, Aug 28, 2003
  6. David O'Rourke

    C. E. White Guest

    I stopped by the Saturn dealership today and they have several VUEs that
    meet my requirements except for one problem. Every single one has dealer
    installed "teflon paint treatment." This is something I am not
    interested in paying for. If someone wants that is fine, but it seems to
    me to be unfair to try to force it on all Customers. Do all Saturn
    dealers add this sort of stuff? Will I have nay luck in not paying for

    Also I have a2001 Mustang GT to trade in. Will the Saturn dealer come
    anywhere close to the KBB "trade in price?"


    Ed White
    C. E. White, Aug 31, 2003
  7. David O'Rourke

    David Spera Guest

    Just say you don't want it and won't pay for it. It costs them next to nothing
    to apply so say you'll take the car as is without paying for it.
    It depends on how many Vues they have on the lot. If they have a lot they will
    be willing to deal on the trade in. If there are only a couple left they will
    be less likely to dicker.
    David Spera, Aug 31, 2003
  8. David O'Rourke

    Brian Talley Guest

    I bought an AWD V6 about two months ago. My trade-in was a VW
    Jetta 1.8T. I do miss the jackrabbit starts and quick cornering,
    but a recent family trip was *very* nice with the larger Vue,
    and I liked being able to drive on the beach. :)

    Mileage is arguably pretty good for the vehicle: I get ~22mpg
    with a mix of city/highway driving, and I got around 26mpg on
    just highway driving. It's better than I expected to get - no

    I test-drove both the 4 and 6. I went with the 6 because I
    wanted some semblance of power (read: fun). The 4 just didn't
    do it for me.

    Seating for someone your size shouldn't be a problem. The seats
    go pretty far back. It might be cramped for someone sitting
    right behind you if you have the seat all the way back, though.

    Brian Talley, Sep 2, 2003
  9. David O'Rourke

    Mark Walters Guest

    ABS is a $400 option (US), and well worth it.

    The CVT is the only automatic transmission you can get with a 4 cylinder
    VUE, the '03 V6 uses a hydramatic 5 speed auto as the only transmission
    choice, and the '04 uses a Honda 5 speed auto as the only transmission

    If you can wait a little bit, I'd wait until the '04s are available in
    your area, the V6 Vue will use the Honda VTEC 3.5L that puts out more
    horsepower with *better* fuel economy than the '03 Opel-built V6.

    The only downfall with waiting for the '04 model line, is there probably
    won't be 0% financing available, but if your credit is decent, you ought
    to be able to get a nice low rate.
    Mark Walters, Sep 20, 2003
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