On Saturn's New Powertrains and Old Trolls

Discussion in 'General Motoring' started by marx404, Sep 14, 2008.

  1. marx404

    marx404 Guest

    Just a FYI to help those either stuck in the past or whom may just not be in
    the know and finally, my take on Trolls:

    Saturn as of 2007 no longer manufactures cars in Spring Hill, TN.
    The 1.9L, 2.2L, V6 Catera or V6 Honda engines are no longer in use.
    CVT transmissions were only used between 2002 and 2004.
    All Saturn transmissions are either Aisin-Borg-Warner or GM Hydro-matic.

    As of 2008 all 4 cylinders are Ecotec and are:
    1.8L (Astra)
    2.0L (SKY Redline)
    2.4L (SKY, Aura XE, VUE XE)
    As of 2008 all V6 are a distant cousin of the GM Cadillac CTS family and are
    as follows:
    3.5L (VUE XE AWD, VUE XE, Aura XE, Outlook XE)
    3.6L (Aura XR, VUE XR, Outlook XR)

    These are all new engines to Saturn and have not had the past issues that
    were found in some Saturn vehicles.
    Many improvements to these powertrains have been made to make these very
    durable and user-friendly, thus making timing chain and transmissions issues
    that occurred in the post obsolete with proper owner care. These include:

    Oil Life Monitoring Systems
    Improved Engine-Management Systems
    Improved Fuel Management Systems
    Stabilitrack on top of ABS and Traction Control (Standard on just about
    OnStar Vehicle Diagnostics (now those with active Onstar have no reason to
    drive around oblivious to the little engine light on the dash or what it
    means and can get immediate answers)
    Tire-Pressure Monitors
    Improved handling
    5 year Free Roadside Assistance

    Yes, there were many issues with the old 1st and 2nd Generation Satuns, but
    just as many happy loyal REPEAT owners such as myself. Saturn is basically a
    new company with new cars. Trolls who keep digging up old internet gripes
    about old models and then trying to compare them to the new cars are just
    not relevant anymore. Every brand has it's issues, Google any brand and you
    will find something negative about anything you want to troll about.

    Let me give you a for instance. I love the 2003 Nissan 350Z, almost bought
    one, tilll I read about the front-end alignment tire eating issue, I passed
    up a great deal over that. Funny, the early L300 had a similar issue, but
    ours never did and was a great car. Guess you can't go by everything you

    Hey, I never had a perfect Saturn, nor a Ford nor a Chevy nor a Nissan, all
    have had problems and a car is only as good as it's mechanic in my opinion.

    We know who the Trolls are. Use your own experience and look around at how
    many happy Saturn owners there are out there who have had decent
    experiences, how many Saturn based online clubs out there, SaturnSpot,
    SaturnFans, IONForums, STC, etc., how many people out there in the Saturn
    community are helping each other and you will see the vast difference
    between the motives of the common Troll vs a true Saturn Owner.
    marx404, Sep 14, 2008
  2. marx404

    marx404 Guest

    Correction: All Saturn transmissions are either Aisin-Borg-Warner or GM
    I forgot to put in the word "Automatic" in that sentence.

    Source: www.gmpowertrain.com
    marx404, Sep 14, 2008
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