Oil Leak 1997 SL2 Please note *

Discussion in 'Saturn S-series' started by New Horizon Interlock, Jul 3, 2004.

  1. I just spent some time curing a oil leak on a Saturn. It seems the rear
    main or maybe the oil pan area. In the intersection of all three parts Oil
    Pan, Rear Main Housing, and engine block in just that little corner as it
    bends around the oil pan was a leak (I should say a pour). Well after 2
    times with the oil pan and once with the rear main and it still leaking I
    got to the point of welding it all together when I decided to (with the help
    of my son) just to start the motor with the flywheel attached and very fast
    remove it right after shutdown and see where it was coming from and low
    behold a brass type fitting between the rear main and starter. Well this is
    well documented (NOT). I hope this helps anybody else and if anybody needs
    more info just post. Oh ya this fitting was only finger tight (no comment!).
    New Horizon Interlock, Jul 3, 2004
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  2. New Horizon Interlock

    BANDIT2941 Guest

    Well after 2
    Was it the main oil galley plug? Did it have a hex head on it? If that is loose
    for too long, you will hurt bearings in the bottom end(I know from
    experience.....long story).....
    BANDIT2941, Jul 4, 2004
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  3. Nope it was on the block facing the transaxle (between Main seal housing and
    starter hole) or when you look in the drivers side facing out.
    New Horizon Interlock, Jul 5, 2004
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