Oil filter location - 2007 ION 2 4 door

Discussion in 'Saturn ION' started by metoo, Sep 6, 2008.

  1. metoo

    metoo Guest

    Simple question - where is the oil filter on 2007 ION 2 Automatic 4

    Thanks a lot,
    metoo, Sep 6, 2008
  2. metoo

    marx404 Guest

    Time to get a Haynes or Chilton, my friend. it'll help lots. Seriously, the
    ION has an ecotec engine. Raise the hood, look at the front to the car near
    the center, see that odd looking black cap near the yellow oil dipstick?
    That's the oil filter location. IONS have the oil filter built in the engine
    housing and use a special (but inexpensive) paper cartridge filter) that
    drops in that place. You will need a special socket (about $4. at an auto
    parts store) to get it off. Inside is a paper cartridge (about $7 to $9. )
    sitting upright . Remove it, lube the new one, lube the cap top, drop it in,
    gently screw the plastic top back on (not too tight), reset the oil change
    indicator, done. Cheers.
    marx404, Sep 6, 2008
  3. metoo

    metoo Guest

    Thanks Marx!

    I really appreciate it!
    metoo, Sep 6, 2008
  4. metoo

    marx404 Guest

    no prob, I don't know much but I'm good for something ;-)
    marx404, Sep 6, 2008
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