New Plugs and Wires. 98SL2

Discussion in 'Saturn S-series' started by ProfWdesk1, Jan 25, 2004.

  1. ProfWdesk1

    ProfWdesk1 Guest

    I am putting in Bosch Premium wire set ... and Bosch Platinum 2 plugs ... is
    that ok? and, should I put anything on them to make the easier to get out? The
    plugs say they give more powerful spark. Should I not put them in? Roy,
    98SL2, 49,000 miles
    ProfWdesk1, Jan 25, 2004
  2. I thought the platinum plugs gave some users probs - the factory plugs seem
    to be the faves. And if they don't come with a little anti-seize on the
    threads, some put a dab on. And don't over-torque (I don't remember the
    spec off the top of my head). Don't forget to run the new wires exactly
    like the OEM's (with attention to the cyl 1 and cyl 4 placement because of
    its interaction with the computer).

    Kirk is good to give the science and detail behind this stuff - Kirk, you
    hearing this? (smile)
    Jonnie Santos, Jan 25, 2004
  3. ProfWdesk1

    Napalm Heart Guest

    Don't forget some silicone grease on the boots. NGK-V's are my
    preferred plug for my Saturn.

    Napalm Heart, Jan 26, 2004
  4. ....glad your brain still works - mine feels like it's on vacation here
    lately... (grin)
    Jonnie Santos, Jan 26, 2004
  5. I use nothing but Bosh Platinum + 4 on my 96 SL2 runs great never any
    problem (270,000 mi to date)
    mackshightech, Jan 26, 2004
  6. ProfWdesk1

    K2NNJ Guest

    What do you mean Cyl placement? Do you mean Firing Order?

    K2NNJ, Jan 26, 2004
  7. Jonnie Santos, Jan 26, 2004
  8., that speaks for itself - thanks! Are you on the same engine (just
    Jonnie Santos, Jan 26, 2004
  9. In my many experiences I have found Bosch plugs to be flat junk. Check
    the wires with an ohm meter to make sure they are good! I have run into
    many brand new sets with at least one or 2 nearly or totally shot wires.
    Bon·ne·ville, Jan 28, 2004
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