Neuter '02 smog pump

Discussion in 'General Motoring' started by Wilf Lee, Jul 30, 2003.

  1. Wilf Lee

    Wilf Lee Guest

    My '02 SL has something that doesn't seem to exist on my '95 & '98 SL.
    See picture -->

    It's the black round object between the washer fluid resevoir & the

    It is connected to the hose in front of it leading into some type of
    solenoid valve atop the A/C compressor and into the exahust header.

    I suspect it is a smog pump. Can anyone confirm? If so, can it be
    disabled by simply disconnecting the electrical wires on it and the
    solenoid valve? Will this affect the engine computer?

    If you're wondering why I want to disconnect it: sometimes I hear a
    whirring noise coming from this unit and and the idle RPM drops to 500
    followed by lots of engine shaking and the RPM jumps back to 1200.
    During summer when the A/C is on, this is especially
    annoying/embarrassing as engine nearly stalls. Quality 1 year old
    Saturn automobile idles rougher than a rust bucket 23 year old Corolla
    next to it. This problem never existed on the '95 & '98. Talked to
    dealer and was told that the idle is controlled by computer so there's
    nothing he can do.

    How can Saturn take a perfectly good '98 SL design and make it worse??
    Wilf Lee, Jul 30, 2003
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  2. Yes, that is an electric air injection pump, which is commanded on in
    certain conditions with accompanying noise (the list of enable criteria
    looks rather complicated). The computer will complain eventually if you
    disconnect it (Check Engine light on, trouble code P0410 will set). The ECM
    expects to see the oxygen sensor show a lean condition with the AIR system
    operating, and if it doesn't, it will set the code.

    Some drop in idle speed will be normal when it kicks in because of the high
    current draw, but I don't know if what you describe should be happening,
    that might signal some problem with the idle air control valve, not
    responding fast enough or something. You'd likely have to compare to a
    similar vehicle to see if that's normal on that model.

    I'm guessing the AIR system is something they had to put on to get that
    engine to meet newer, stricter emissions standards. Probably one of the
    reasons Saturn isn't using that engine anymore..
    Robert Hancock, Jul 30, 2003
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  3. Probbably. It's not like this stuff's an afterthought anymore.
    I bet there's something wrong.
    Gee, that's so 1970's. They haven't had air pump on cars in years, at
    least I've not seen any. IIRC, some 80's GM cars didsn't have EGR

    In any case, wouldn't this be covered under the emisions warrenty
    anyway? Besides, the AIR system (not to mention EVAP) are great things
    - big emissions cuts with no power/economy loss...
    Philip Nasadowski, Jul 31, 2003
  4. I don't think there's many other GM cars that have used AIR systems at all
    recently, just the Saturns (though the Corvette is another one that comes to
    mind as having it). The L-series cars with the Ecotec do have them, but only
    for cold-start use, it doesn't kick in afterwards like it apparently does on
    the original poster's model.

    The new Ecotec engine does not need any EGR either..
    Robert Hancock, Aug 3, 2003
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