my 2006 Vue is a lemon

Discussion in 'Saturn VUE' started by Silver Shadow, Sep 10, 2005.

  1. let me start off with this vehicle is a 2006 vue v6 auto
    it has 1515 miles on it
    it has been in and out of the shop since the 2nd day we had it
    problem one: interior lights come on at will.
    problem two: clock resets to 1200 at will
    problem 3: compass/temp will show odd readings at will
    4: key beeper will come on and stay on while driving

    has been in 5 times for repair at local Saturn facility
    they have replaced the drivers door switch
    and the body computer

    they are now at a loss as to what to do
    and are giving us the run around
    hanging up when they hear us on the phone etc.

    we have gotten customer care involved and I understand they have an
    engineer that will come to the dealer to see what he can do
    this of course will be at saturns convenience.

    any ideas that we might try before my wife (it's her car)
    invokes the lemon law and just gets her money back???????

    thanks Jeff
    Silver Shadow, Sep 10, 2005
  2. Silver Shadow

    marx404 Guest

    Why are there so many posts suddenly popping up with the exact same subject
    line "My <year> Vue is a lemon" ?

    First of all, this is begging to look very suspiscious and all too obvious.

    Second, 2006 model years just came out. You have 30 days to exchange this
    vehicle for another if the problems are so severe. You should have requested
    it and the dealership should have suggested it.

    If this post is legit and not just another rash of the recent "My <year> VUE
    is a lemon" troll posts, then the fault lies with your dealership and the
    owner. If it has been "in and out of the shop since the first day we have
    owned it" as you say and you didnt demand a replacement VUE within 30 days,
    which Im sure if you are intelligent enough to post such troll messages as
    this, you would have been likewise as intelligent to know there is a 30 day
    replacement policy and would have demanded a replacement VUE. So IMHO (and
    just MHO, this is bogus and reminiscent of Mr. Fag's handywork).

    If this post is somehow legit, just FYI I would suggest rather then posting
    here, call Saturn Customer Care and tell them of your experience and see
    what they can do for you.

    marx404, Sep 10, 2005
  3. well marx i guess i should have known i would be flamed right off the
    if you had taken the time to read the entire post you would have read
    what saturn custumer care's response is.

    at any rate i will investigate this avenue today when i meet with

    Thanks Jeff
    Silver Shadow, Sep 10, 2005
  4. Silver Shadow

    Chris Guest

    marx' response is hardly a "flame", it suggests that you follow the proper
    channels to express your displeasure with your vehicle. You already have a
    response and next step from Customer Care, though you apparently aren't
    happy with it. If phone calls aren't responded to, a registered letter
    would be my next recommended step. Given the state of Customer Relations
    systems these days, the likelihood that they are hanging up when they hear
    you is slim (though not impossible; in my experience, it depends a LOT on
    how you approach a service person -- would YOU want to hear someone dumping
    on you when you've already given the best advice you've got?)

    I get the impression that people's impatience with an intermittent and/or
    repetitive problem increasingly leads to a confrontational "why are you
    trying to rip me off?" approach, which almost NEVER solves the problem, but
    usually is self-fulfilling.

    Sorry you have had such a bad experience so far, truly hope things improve
    for you.
    Chris, Sep 14, 2005
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