More developments on my Transmission... Code 23

Discussion in 'General Motoring' started by Mark 2000, Oct 10, 2003.

  1. Mark 2000

    Mark 2000 Guest

    Well, I thought I'd attempt to try and get more advice on my transmission
    issues, despite there being little-to-no traffic in this group at all...

    I had my transmission replaced in my 94 SC1 auto with a used transmission.
    Since I picked up the car, the SES light has come on. The code it is giving
    me is 23...Intake Air Temperature.

    Now... as soon as I took the car home and went to get into it the next
    morning, I noticed a leak of something under the radiator, under the
    transmission side.

    What I'm wondering, is, are the leak, and the IAT problem possibly related
    to a botched installation of the transmission? Because I know that both of
    these problems (IAT, and the leak) are both in the same area where the
    transmission is. So is it likely that maybe the installation could have
    shifted the air intake around and the radiator?

    I know code 23 wasn't there before the transmission, because I pulled the
    codes myself beforehand. The guy at the shop also pulled code 27...but this
    must have been an old code, because it was a solenoid replacement around the
    engine, which I had fixed. When I left the shop and noticed the SES light
    on, he said that they reset the computer, and the code that was showing up
    was the code 27. However, when I checked it at home, that is when I found
    out it was 23, and NOT 27, and that it was indeed, a new code.

    Please help, thanks...
    Mark 2000, Oct 10, 2003
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  2. I don't know the 94 SC1, but on my 97 SW2 the Intake Air Temperature sensor
    is mounted on the intake to the air filter box, which puts it in the extreme
    front-left corner of the car. Perhaps when then transmission was removed
    and re-installed maybe it wasn't plugged in or the pins were bent. The
    computer expects a range resistance values from the sensor, but there are
    limits to the range so an open circuit or short circuit would set a code.
    As far as leak under the car, the hosing was also likely disconnected and
    reconnected, possibly a hose isn't seated properly or a clamp isn't

    David O'Rourke, Nov 1, 2003
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