Manual transmission problems with 2001 saturn SC-2

Discussion in 'General Motoring' started by ptload, Feb 17, 2006.

  1. ptload

    ptload Guest

    I have a 2001 Saturn SC-2 I purchased new. It has 84000 miles on it.
    Two weeks ago I discovered a leak coming from the the differential were
    the axle connects. I assumed it was the differential oil seal. I took
    it to a mechanic to get it fixed. They replaced the seal but it still
    leaked. They called several transmission shops in the area and they
    told them it was probable a hole in the bell housing next to the
    differential. They pulled the transmission and did discover a hole were
    a gear had worn thru the housing. I was floored! I had never heard of
    anything like this happening. My mechanic sad that the transmission
    shops said the the gear in the differential is able to slide a little
    and it just slowly wears thru the housing. I call 5 transmission shop
    and every single one of them had come across the same problem. I called
    Saturn customer service up sense this is oviously a design fault on
    their part. All I ask for was to have the Bell housing replaced and the
    differential gear to be repaired. The car only had 84000 miles on it
    and this should not have happened. Saturn customer service was very
    polite when they told me what I could go do with myself! I will never
    buy another GM produced ever! They said that they only warrenty the
    transmission for 36000 mile and thats it. Even KIA seems to have better
    faith in there produces than Saturn & GM do in theirs. Could this be
    why GM is loosing so much market share? Has anyone else had this

    P.S. I have pictures of the transmission if anyone would like to see
    ptload, Feb 17, 2006
  2. ptload

    blah blah Guest

    Oh yeah one issue with a make that doesnt share a single part with
    anything else in the fleet causes me to stop buying everything they make
    too. Hence why I dont buy anything anymore...
    It has nothing to do with better faith. You over pay for a cheaply made
    car and they wont mind keeping you're butt covered for a long time with
    cheaply made parts. Besides that warranty isnt all its made out to be.
    If you feel a car company should hold your hand for 10 years then you
    shouldnt be driving...

    Sure upload them to
    blah blah, Feb 17, 2006
  3. ptload

    Private Guest

    My condolences on your loss.

    By my humble experience you should have changed your transmission fluid
    twice or more. Was this done? Do you normally drive in a "spirited"
    manner, with shift points regularly above 3000 rpm? or do you use aggressive
    downshifting at high rpm for increased engine braking? How is your clutch?
    Do you EVER allow one wheel to spin when trying to get unstuck in the snow?

    The search for fuel economy has resulted in all components being made
    lighter and lighter. Transmissions in both cars and especially light trucks
    have seen vastly increased failure rates as a result.

    I would normally suggest that you consider welding your case but I have
    trouble with the concept that gears could contact the case without first
    wearing away a lot of steel. If it was the differential cross shaft that
    failed then the transmission internals may still be serviceable.but may
    require rebuilding all the trust washers in the tranny and since (in my
    uninformed opinion) these transmissions are not really designed to be
    rebuildable it may be cheaper to price a new (find a friend or shop that can
    buy wholesale) or find a used tranny. If buying used I would suggest you
    pick one that does NOT come from either a SC or a twin cam.

    There are few guarantees in life and those that are claimed almost always
    have exclusions that apply to you. The basic warranty is to cover infant
    mortality and poor quality control and does not claim to provide lifetime
    protection. I am not suggesting that 84000 mi is satisfactory service life
    but sh_t and bad luck are both facts of life.
    Private, Feb 17, 2006
  4. ptload

    Jim Kane Guest

    i have a 94 wagon that the gas pedel went under the brake causing me to
    crash and saturn says they have been testing this scenario at the plant
    all day and it is impossible due to the pedel sizes- they will be able
    to get me those pedel sizes by Wed. next week-apparently no rulers at
    the plant.
    Jim Kane, Feb 18, 2006
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