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Discussion in 'Saturn ION' started by marx404, Sep 17, 2007.

  1. marx404

    marx404 Guest

    I am thrilled with my new Ecotec engine! My manual '07 ION.3 2.2L has a
    great clutch, but the shifter feels like absolute sh*t, cheap, caca, feels like I am forcing it into gear and it goes with all the
    smoothness of operating a forklift lever.

    I have noticed on used IONs that the shifter "breaks in" after awhile, how
    long have you guys had you manual ION before the shifter became a 'little"

    If I do ever wear it out after warranty, I will probably change it out for a
    better shifter, any ideas and what can I expect to spend?
    marx404, Sep 17, 2007
  2. marx404

    teem Guest

    I have an '03 Ion Manual & sometimes the shifter doesnt want to
    comply,starting out in 1st I have to really SHOVE IT into that
    postion,I too,wonder if theres a lube for easier shifting.My previous
    4 vehicles were all manuals,the only way to drive.
    teem, Sep 20, 2007
  3. marx404

    Rick Guest

    My '05 Quad Coupe exhibits the same behavior getting it into 1st. I'd
    assumed it might be a lazy clutch foot not depressing the clutch fully
    but I try.

    Nature of the beast I suspect.

    Rick, Sep 20, 2007
  4. marx404

    marx404 Guest

    Yea, 1st does require the clutch to be floored or it will resist. I do
    notice that the slower I move the shift lever, the easier it will go thru
    the gate. Faster shifting is anything but eloquent. I'm slowly getting used
    to it, hard to resist downshifting though :) Compared to my old 1.9
    automatic, the ecotec loves being revved and accelerates 0-60 and 50-80 with
    little effort.....whoa, cool.
    marx404, Sep 21, 2007
  5. marx404

    teem Guest

    I just hit 50y.o. & I find myself hitting the clutch up & down before
    a completed shift.
    teem, Sep 22, 2007
  6. marx404

    marx404 Guest

    Sounds like a case of Shiftus Interruptus to me. :)
    marx404, Sep 24, 2007
  7. marx404

    teem Guest

    More like Jamii Grindus,hey,I'm in a hurry!.
    teem, Sep 25, 2007
  8. marx404

    teem Guest

    Is there a way of lubing the shifter under the interior for smoother
    teem, Sep 26, 2007
  9. I noticed a similar "problem" with my 2000 SL2. I was thinking that there
    was something needing lubrication. However, I think that the transmission
    just works that way. From the Technical Service Bulletin for Manual

    "To reduce shift effort, do not attempt to rush the shift - allow the
    synchronizers to work as designed. Shifting harder will only increase the
    chance of rushing past the synchronizer leading to grinding while

    I think that explains it all. I briefly ran through the diagnostic check
    just to be sure. I feel more comfortable now that the issue is mostly
    normal. Here is a brief outline of what I checked:

    1. Initial Conditions: Parking brake engaged, car in neutral, engine
    running (in that order :D)
    2. Attempt to gently shift car into reverse until a brief light grinding is
    encounterd (gently)
    3. Depress clutch and try to shift into reverse if any grinding is
    encountered the clutch is not fully disengaging (this checked out on mine)
    4. With transmission in neutral, release clutch then depress clutch and
    attempt to shift into 1st (I noticed this was difficult, however when I
    moved it slowly it went into gear)
    5. Keeping clutch depressed, shift into other gears (mine went right into
    gear with no problems)

    The issue in my case has nothing to do with the linkages or the shifter. The
    TSB mentions this as being normal for many cars...

    Check this on yours to see if you have the same results.

    Michael Riegert, Sep 26, 2007
  10. marx404

    teem Guest

    Yeah ,but you shouldn't have to hold the clutch peddle down for more
    than 4-5 seconds.Mine usually shifts aok,maybe it was the humidity
    effecting it this summer.
    teem, Sep 27, 2007
  11. I agree that it shouldn't take a few seconds to shift gears. When I checked
    mine, I was able to determine that the difficulty shifting was not due to
    the shifter or the linkages. I was able to determine that since it was not
    difficult to shift if I held the clutch in while shifting through all of
    the gears. If it gets to the point where during normal driving conditions
    it takes more than a second or so to shift gears, I will looking more at a
    synchronizer issue, rather than a shifter issue.

    Michael Riegert, Sep 27, 2007
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