Making my own code reader

Discussion in 'General Motoring' started by Wurm, Oct 17, 2003.

  1. Wurm

    Wurm Guest

    Hi all,

    Something Ive been wanting to do for a while is make my own code reader for
    my 98 SL2. It seems that you guys in the US can go to a certain store and
    have it read for free, but I've never found that up here, and well, id like
    the convenience of playing with it in my own garage :). Now, actually doing
    this should be fairly simple, just build my own cable and communicate with
    the car on my Palm pilot, the only problem is that I need to know the pin
    out as well as the communication protocol that is used. Is this information
    public domain?, can I get my hands on this anywhere?


    Wurm, Oct 17, 2003
  2. Hi Wurm

    The information you are looking for is mostly public domain. The
    maufactures use their own connectors, but even that information can be
    found. Do a search for OBDII or OBD-II readers. However some information
    is "extended", as such it is outside EPA reporting requirements, so only the
    manufactures and some hackers know how to get it out of the computer.

    David O'Rourke, Oct 17, 2003
  3. Wurm

    Wurm Guest


    Ok, thanks for the info, ill do some hunting this weekend ;). Heck, I gotta
    find a use for the Palm and it seems hack jobs like this are the forte of
    that machine.

    Wurm, Oct 17, 2003
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