location of grounding wires on 1998 saturn SL1?

Discussion in 'Saturn S-series' started by D, Oct 7, 2004.

  1. D

    D Guest

    Can anyone post something here to a url with a diagram of where ALL
    the grounding wires are on a 1998 Saturn SL1? I am in the middle of
    electrical problem hell with my saturn. Posted a message here and
    several good responses in August. My Saturn has in the last 3 months
    just not started 3 different times- lights and battery are fine.
    Starter checks out time after time. battery checks out. everything
    checks out.

    The dealership after looking at it for 2 days, if you can believe
    this, told me the problem was a worn key! It's the closest dealership
    to me, but I don't trust them. nearest dealership after that is about
    15 miles away, tough for a tow and a ride back home.

    I asked and paid them to clean the wires and electrical.

    I plan to clean the battery wires and all known grounding wires
    myself, though I don't know cars well.

    If anyone can point me to something online that would be great!


    D, Oct 7, 2004
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  2. D

    Lane Guest

    All known grounding wires? My guess is there are a lot of points on the
    body where various harnesses are grounded, and many of them may not be
    easily accessible. You need to get a hold of a set of factory service
    manuals, or a Haynes/Chilton manual from any auto parts store.

    Lane [ lane (at) evilplastic.com ]
    Lane, Oct 8, 2004
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