Likely buying a used saturn 2000 SL2

Discussion in 'Saturn S-series' started by clutch, Oct 30, 2003.

  1. clutch

    clutch Guest

    I am likely going to be buy a 2000/2001 or so saturn. I tend to drive
    gently but I do put a lot of miles on and drive cars into the 200k
    mile range.

    Anything to consider in a Saturn SL series purchase? I'll likely do
    any work needed, including a overhaul of engine if the body is still
    good as we get to the 145K+ range. The car (2000 SL2) I am thinking
    about has 53k now but I am thinking a head.

    Are rebuild costs significantly higher between the SL and the sl2's.
    I am getting an automatic since replacing a clutch even once wipes out
    the savings of a manual transmission.

    Thanks in advance for any insight you can provide.

    clutch, Oct 30, 2003
  2. clutch

    TC Guest

    One known and common issue is a leaking intake manifold gasket on the
    DOHC "2" engine. In 2002 Saturn came out with a 2 piece gasket to
    replace the failing 1 piece original design. Other than that; fairly
    TC, Oct 30, 2003
  3. clutch

    Kelly Guest

    There have been many posts about automatic transmission problems, leading to
    costly repairs, but cheap quick fixes which has worked for some, but I am
    unsure about year 2000.
    Kelly, Oct 30, 2003
  4. clutch

    clutch Guest

    I ended up with a 2001 sc1 instead. I'll likely miss the 24hp though
    the car outperforms my 2.9 Ranger 4x4 in pass performance both on the
    road and going by gas stations. :)

    I ordered the service manuals from Saturn to guard against the future
    and to give me a fighting chance of fixing things myself.

    I hope the saturn can match the 235K I got out of my Ranger. 175K
    would make it to the end of the payment book and be okay at the lower
    end. I'll be changing oil and dextron on schedule, it matters.

    clutch, Nov 3, 2003
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