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Discussion in 'Saturn L-series' started by Jose Ponce, Aug 24, 2006.

  1. Jose Ponce

    Jose Ponce Guest


    First of all sorry about the long explanation.

    I have a 2002 L300 with about 70,000 miles everything worked fine until last
    week that I got the following problems.
    The car still seams to work fine (engine wise)

    First the Service (with a small wrench) light came on, took it to my
    mechanic and he could not find any problems,
    he reseted the computer.
    Drove the car over the weekend with no problems, on Monday on the way to
    home from work (50 mile round trip commute)
    The service plus the service engine and the antilock brake light came on,
    took it to the mechanic immediately and with out
    turning the car off I showed to him, he connected it to his computer and
    still no error codes, he checked for the Saturn codes
    and for the "general codes".
    Reset computer again and went home, next day again on the way home from work
    the same lights came on again but this time
    I noticed that my speedometer will drop to 0 miles and go back to the 40 or
    50 MPH that I was driving.
    I also noticed that my fuel needle goes back to empty when my antilock break
    light comes on, (not sure if at this time the speedometer
    needle goes to 0)

    Any ideas anybody, the last one really has me thinking about what relation
    does the breaks have with the fuel gauge.
    Bought the car new, really happy with it, do not really want to take it back
    to the dealer.

    Jose Ponce, Aug 24, 2006
  2. Jose Ponce

    Karen Guest

    I have not had as good of luck with my Saturn as you have had with
    yours. (I have a 2001 L300 with just over 56,000 miles on it.)

    I just went through this problem It was the BCM (?Body Control
    Module?). It was an intermittent problem that they had a hard time
    diagnosing, usually flaring up when it's hot outside. If it's not
    currently "acting up" the computer will test as normal (I took mine to
    the dealership and they tested it and it was "fine"). Mine got so bad
    that as it was idling in the mechanic's parking lot, it started racking
    up miles on the odometer, the tach would drop to zero, the gauges would
    flicker on and off, all the indicator lights would take turns flashing
    on and off, the security system would flicker (locking the doors!), you
    name it, it was going on. I ended up taking it to a non-Saturn garage,
    and the mechanic was able to order the BCM for about $300, but he had
    to tow it to a Saturn dealership for them to program ("burn") the
    computer, adding another $120 to my bill. In all, it cost me about $525
    to actually get it fixed (not including the $650 that I spent on two
    other visits to try and get it fixed). (The Saturn dealership
    originally told me it would cost between five and six hundred dollars
    to replace the computer.)

    By the way, don't leave your car running with your keys in it, because
    it may lock you out! Mine did.

    Other problems that I've had: fan motor burn-out; leaky radiator; fried
    main cabin computer (which they said wouldn't leave me stranded--but

    I hope I've been of help, and Good Luck!
    Karen, Aug 24, 2006
  3. Jose Ponce

    BläBlä Guest

    Best to tackle random electrical issues when you know the battery is
    good. Swap it with another car. Btw you dont have field mice do you?
    BläBlä, Aug 26, 2006
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