Jerking at slow speeds

Discussion in 'General Motoring' started by Joe Biadasz, Mar 4, 2004.

  1. Joe Biadasz

    Joe Biadasz Guest

    Problem is, after car warms up at slower speeds, 15-37 mph the car bumps and
    jerks. This is real annoying and I'm noticing that it's getting worse. Also
    after car warms up, if you put the car in gear the idle will drop and surge
    up or stall out. If if surges up it will do this about three to four times
    before it takes off.. This is under normal light acceleration.. No
    hesitation on heavy pedal. Also the jerking and bumping is at cruise only,
    not at accell or decelleration.

    To recap.
    a.. Replaced Throttle Pos. Sensor
    b.. Replaced MAP sensor
    c.. Replaced O2 sensor
    d.. Replaced Coolant Temp sensor (Last fall)
    e.. Replaced Thermostat (Last fall)
    f.. Replaced Plug wires (Last fall)
    g.. Replaced Spark plugs
    h.. Removed and cleaned Throttle body
    i.. Removed and cleaned Idle Air Valve/sensor
    j.. Replaced all Corroded and bad looking vacuum lines
    k.. Vacuum leak test, No leaks.
    I sprayed all vacuum lines and all areas of intake to see if there was any
    leaks.. Nada. But I have replaced two vacuum lines under the intake leading
    to the Canister purge solonoid.

    I'm out of Ideas.. So please lets throw some out here.
    Joe Biadasz, Mar 4, 2004
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