Is This Problem The Ignition?

Discussion in 'General Motoring' started by ED, Dec 13, 2007.

  1. ED

    ED Guest

    I have a '97 Saturn. It runs great but recently when I try to start the car
    it takes a number of tries of turning key, taking key out and trying again
    etc. It seems to be getting gradually worse over the last month. Should I
    replace the ignition or is it a loose wire? How much would it cost to have a
    mechanic replace it?

    ED, Dec 13, 2007
  2. ED

    Oppie Guest

    Have you been doing routine maintenance? Replace the fuel filter if you
    haven't done it yet.
    How dim do the lights get when cranking? This is a measure of the voltage
    the battery can put out under load. Word has it that these cars have
    problems if the battery voltage is too low. May need a new battery -
    especially if it is over 4 years old. Some cars also will not fire until the
    oil pressure lamp goes off or until the ECU has done it's baseline tests.
    Don't know if yours is one of these.

    Oppie, Dec 13, 2007
  3. ED

    S. Barker Guest

    my '94 would do that. you could crank it for an hour, then turn it
    completely off, and try again, and it would start on a half a revolution.
    Never did figger it out myself.

    S. Barker, Dec 14, 2007
  4. ED

    ED Guest

    I meant to say that it's not cranking at all. As soon as it cranks it will

    This is a measure of the voltage
    ED, Dec 14, 2007
  5. ED

    Oppie Guest

    Then it is a problem with the starter possibly.
    The starter has a large wire going to the battery and a smaller wire that is
    connected to battery + when the key is turned. If you can get to it, short
    the small wire terminal to the battery terminal - it should crank. If it
    doesn't, check that the grounds and cable connections are all tight (also
    clean the battery terminals if you haven't already). If it still doesn't
    crank, look at replacing the starter. A common failure is the starter
    solenoid studs that hold the battery cable and wire into the starter motor
    work loose, arc and eat up the threads on the stud. Bottom line, loose

    Could also be a bad contact in the ignition switch. You can test the
    circuits with a test lamp. Don't use a meter - it doesn't draw enough
    current to get a good reading for these purposes.
    Oppie, Dec 14, 2007
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