Discussion in 'General Motoring' started by Azik, Jul 5, 2003.

  1. Azik

    Azik Guest

    I now own an SL2 and am considering an ION. For some reason, I find
    scant comment here on the ION...I would appreciate hearing some thoughts
    on the car.
    Azik, Jul 5, 2003
  2. Azik

    NoSetFine Guest

    The only comment I can offer thus far is:
    - Got one.
    - Gets lots of looks.
    - Love it.

    I'm here looking for mod info - first time I have been inspired by a car to
    do so.
    NoSetFine, Jul 6, 2003
  3. Azik

    Tom Roberts Guest

    Same here Best new care in years

    Buy it Love mine

    Tom Roberts, Jul 6, 2003
  4. Azik

    Bob Men Guest

    don't do it !!!!!!!! you will be sorry the ride is the same at
    all have u test drive one yet ?
    Bob Men, Jul 6, 2003
  5. Azik

    NoSetFine Guest

    SPS seems to be a popular choice across the group - I will give them a
    second look! And thanks for the 2nd link - it's so much better checking out
    links others have already proven useful for themselves. They are well
    hidden among a lot of unproven junk!

    NoSetFine, Jul 6, 2003
  6. Azik

    Tombob Guest

    Bought one then a second they are great Value and quality
    Tombob, Jul 6, 2003
  7. Azik

    Kirk Kohnen Guest


    I like my LARGE sodas (64 ouncers)!

    I take a large insulated mug, like you can get at 7-11. Attach its handle to
    the seat adjusting bar on the front passenger's side. (Cable ties work,
    small bungie cords work).

    Then, you can put the 64 ounce bladder buster cups that 7-11 sells in that
    insulating sleeve.

    This lets you grab it and drink while you are driving, keeps it cold longer,
    and holds it nicely in place.
    Kirk Kohnen, Jul 9, 2003
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