ION wont start when cold

Discussion in 'Saturn ION' started by Christieann, Oct 6, 2004.

  1. Christieann

    Christieann Guest

    I have a 2003 ion. I have owned it just over a year it has close to 30K
    miles on it last winter i had problems when it would get cold out the car
    wouldnt start. When you first try to start it, it acts like a dead batt.
    It doesnt crank or anything after several attempts to start it will start
    to crank. I tried starting my car for a hour (with breaks in between
    trys) Finnaly the car turns over like nothing was ever wrong! After three
    times of this happening i put it in the shop. They couldnt find anyting
    wrong with it and actually suggested that i wasnt pushing the clutch in
    (like i would drive the car for half a year and not push the clutch in)
    The weather got warm and we didnt have the problem. This morning was very
    cold and the problem began again my husband tried to start it nothing not
    even trying to turn over. He tries again and it cranks but doesnt start.
    Gives it little break 5 mins or so tries to start it, it starts up and
    shuts right back off. Tries to start it again doesnt even crank gives it
    another break and it starts right up! The shop cant seem to find a
    problem nothing is registering on the computer so they say. ( which to me
    doesnt mean nothing is wrong) I wanted to know if anyone had any
    suggestions on what could be causing this. The car goes to the shop again
    tomorrow and i would like to have and idea of what they should at least be
    checking! Any suggestions would really help sorry about my awful
    Christieann, Oct 6, 2004
  2. Christieann

    WTP07 Guest

    My brother's 03 ION did the EXACT same thing...the dealer couldn't find
    anything wrong with it after multiple attempts at fixing the problem. It
    did it again 3 weeks ago and he took it back into the dealer and demanded a
    differant car. He now has an 04 quad coupe....It definitely is a recurring
    problem with the 03 ION....take it back...demand an adamant and will get your way eventually.

    WTP07, Oct 7, 2004
  3. Christieann

    Scott Guest

    Once had a similar problem - turned out to be an ignition switch with
    a lubricant that got too viscous at low temperatures. If you turned
    the switch to the start position and waited long enough, the contacts
    carrier in the switch would finally move through the lubricant and
    provide power to the starter. Solution at the time was to use an
    aftermarket switch with a different lubricant.
    Scott, Oct 7, 2004
  4. Christieann

    Christieann Guest

    well i had my car in yesterday and it was the ignition switch i guess they
    are now equiping all new ions with a newly designed switch so they dont
    have this problem unfortunatly since my ion was one of the first it had
    the old ignition switch in it so if anyone else is having the problem tell
    the garage to replace the ignition switch with the new one and it should
    fix it thanks to all
    Christieann, Oct 8, 2004
  5. Christieann

    Wurm Guest

    The first saturn I bought, a used 98 SL2 did exactly the same thing (it was
    purchased in Feburary, in Montreal, so yeah, it was cold as hell), I had it
    in and out of the dealers for 2 weeks and they couldnt find a single thing
    wrong with it, I finally returned the car for another used Saturn which
    never had the problem (knock on wood).

    Wurm, Oct 12, 2004
  6. Christieann

    GCC Guest

    I have an '03 Ion QC bought it August 18, 2003. 21500Km now.
    I live in Saskatchewan and the winters here are FREEZING.

    I had no problems starting last winter at all. Even when it was not
    plugged in, it started fine. I hope I don't have any problems this
    coming winter <knock on wood>
    GCC, Oct 14, 2004
  7. Christieann

    rickymcninja Guest

    Hi, I'm in the same boat here with my ION. Did you have any resolve
    yet? I wonder how long you can have a car and still be able to return
    rickymcninja, Jan 19, 2005
  8. Christieann

    lust4sun Guest

    I am still trying to resolve this issue as well. I had my ignition
    replaced back in October. They say they put in a new model. However,
    last weekend my car did the same thing. It wouldn't start for about 5
    to 10 minutes. Once it starts all is well. This time, however, it
    didn't log any errors. They basically told me to take it home and wait
    until it "fails" again. I figure, I'll give them one more chance. If it
    does it again and they can't figure it out I will be extremely
    disappointed if they don't try and take care of me. I didn't pay full
    price for a car that starts when it wants to.

    Also, every time it has happened it was in my garage where the
    temperature doesn't get below 40 degrees.

    lust4sun, Jan 19, 2005
  9. Christieann

    lust4sun Guest

    Ok. I just had the same problem again this morning and I have had my
    ignition replace back in October. My car wouldn't start, but after six
    minutes it started just fine. Fortunately I had my camera so I took
    some video of the problem and then took my car and the video into

    Once they saw the video they said it was the ignition and that they
    were going to replace it again. I took it in a couple of weeks ago when
    it wouldn't start but they said that it didn't log any errors so they
    couldn't replace anything. So I figured this video would be the next
    best thing. We'll see if this new ignition works any better.

    Also note that this problem is occurring here in Las Vegas where the
    weather is fairly warm and while my car is in a garage. So it doesn't
    seem to take much for the problem to occur.
    Andy Cooper
    2003 Saturn ION QC
    Las Vegas, NV
    lust4sun, Jan 24, 2005
  10. Christieann

    skittish Guest

    Wow.... this same thing has been happening to us with our 2000 LS Sedan.
    Problems started last year. Happens in all kinds of weather, cold, hot, can
    happen after the car has sat for a day or two or after it has sat for 1/2
    hour. Took it into the dealership. Told me without "duplicating the problem"
    there wasn't anything they could do. They had one of their mechanics drive
    it to and from work for 2 days then said there was nothing they could do ,
    to come and get it. I told them they could keep the car until they COULD
    duplicate the problem. It isnt any good to me if it isnt reliable. Only has
    63000 kms on it for heavens sakes. Well can you believe it , the very next
    day they managed to duplicate the problem and they replaced the fuel pump.
    Was fine for a couple months then wouldnt start again one day. Wait the 10 -
    15 minutes... Starts up fine. Didnt bother taking it into the dealership
    this time. I never thought of video taping it. We will do that next time.
    And unfortunatley I am sure there will be a next time *sigh*
    skittish, Jan 27, 2005
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