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Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Baldguy, Dec 1, 2023.

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    Dec 1, 2023
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    I have a 2001 SL1 that I just won't give up on. 279k miles and still counting. I got the car around 2004 with about 30k miles on it. I drove it for awhile, let 3 of my kids drive it while in collage and now my granddaughter is driving it. It died once but I rebuild the engine at 205k miles and it's still going. Actually I had no hope that it would actually run again when I rebuilt the engine but just wanted to try. Age is affecting it though. Currently working on trying to fix a P0446 code and a high idle. Have had both in the past so it's just a matter of if it's the same problem again or something else. Everyone have a good day!
    Baldguy, Dec 1, 2023
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